Travelling The World Solo

In theory, starting and maintaining a blog does not sound like a difficult feat. However, when one has the attention span of a goldfish, starting a blog is easy, but avoiding the seemingly inevitable task of blog abandonment is much harder. I could make excuses about how busy and stressful my life can be, which is not necessarily untrue, however these excuses seem moot when I can still find time to have a Doctor Who marathon every other week.

So I have cleared all my old posts, and I really do want to keep my blogging going this time. I leave for South Africa in just a few short months, and I have so many stories, photos and memories from my previous adventures I am just bursting at the seams to share.

So welcome (or welcome back) to Travelling The World Solo (TTWS).

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20-something year old Australian backpacker writing her way around the world.

14 thoughts on “Travelling The World Solo

  1. This is exactly the problem that I had. I started a few blogs back in the day and always abandon them. This is my first time doing a travel blog though and because it’s finally something that I am passionate about, I think I’ll stick with it this time. Love you blog by the way 🙂

      1. Travel is my motivation to work hard and save as much moolah as I can! It’s tiring but I wouldn’t do it unless I loved it as much as I do 😊

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