Beautiful Iceland

So this is the third post for my first day in Iceland! The place is just so stunningly beautiful, it is impossible to take a bad picture, and consequently, I have  many pictures.

After we were done marvelling at the beautiful geysir, it was off to Þingvellir National Park. I was extremely glad for the little mini crampons on my boots, otherwise I am sure I would have spent most of the time crab walking around or trying to stay upright and failing, which would inevitably lead to me falling on my bum.

Once again, words just can’t do this place justice, so I will just leave you with photos!



Thanks for reading, I would love to know what you think! Would you love to go explore Iceland?

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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Iceland

  1. Incredible!
    I will actually be stopping through Reykjavik in 2 weeks on my way to Europe, where I will be backpacking for the year. I will only have one day in the city though. Any suggestions of must see places?

    1. The Blue Lagoon is pretty amazing and really close to the airport, and in a few days I will do a post about snorkelling in a place called Silfra which is pretty incredible and well worth the half day trip 🙂

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