Crossing Carrick-a-rede

Another great day trip from Belfast is to the Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge in County Antrim.

The bridge itself leads to Carrick-a-rede Island and was originally constructed by salmon fisherman. The bridge is 20m long and the drop down to the ocean would be approximately 30m.

Of course I ended up visiting on an incredibly windy day! It was almost so windy that I would not be allowed to cross, but since it was borderline acceptable conditions, I did a little negotiating with those working at the bridge and was luckily given the green light to walk across this scary bridge.

The walk along the coast to the bridge itself is truly stunning, and the rich blue green water is a sight to behold.

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Once actually at the bridge, it is somewhat of a daunting sight! It was certainly swaying (understatement) in the wind, and the ever present Irish rain made the bridge a bit slippery.

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Once on the bridge I got a massive adrenaline rush and felt absolutely no fear! I walked across strongly without holding on to the edge and until my little shoulder bag blew open with the wind and my passport flew out, I had nothing but a big grin on my face.

What proceeded after this was a slow motion jump into the air as I reached over the rope rail to save my most precious of cargo, which I am still unsure why I was carrying in the first place (sheer stupidity is my guess).

But I succeeded! In a catch worthy of any sports grand final, I saved my ticket to the world and unfazed, continued to cross the bridge.

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Once I had explored the teensy tiny island it was time to cross back to safety and soak in the incredible views.

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Have you ever explored Ireland? Would you be game to cross the bridge?

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8 thoughts on “Crossing Carrick-a-rede

  1. I love the Irish country side, mostly the west coast. The tiny island would be too intriquing not to explore via that bridge. Yes, I’d cross it….just to say I did. Keep sharing your stories.

  2. That first photo is amazing! The little birds sitting face to face is so perfect! And the color of the water is shockingly beautiful for Ireland! I’m visiting Ireland this summer with my family and we’re doing a road trip. I’m beyond excited!

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