Grey Days on the Ring of Kerry

After spending a day exploring Blarney and a night relaxing in nearby Killarney, I was eager to explore Ireland’s beautiful Ring of Kerry.

The Ring of Kerry is an absolutely stunning tourist route that runs for approximately 179km in County Kerry, which is located in the south western region of Ireland.

I must admit, I really am struggling to remember what individual areas of the region are. All I have is but a few photographs and not a whole lot of note taking (regret!).

So here are said photographs.

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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It is such a shame that I can’t remember more from this part of my travels! Do you keep a travel journal or take notes while travelling?


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11 thoughts on “Grey Days on the Ring of Kerry

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous. Keep up the traveling! I think all solo travelers (especially female) should let everyone know how amazing and easy it can be.

  2. Kerry is a beautiful place, but I was always cold. The place names are so intriquing to me…Magilligudy Reeks, for example. The bridge featured in the movie “Quiet Man” is a popular site.
    Do you ask people you meet to take your picture?

    1. Yes I do ask people to take my picture- other times I’m too alone so I embrace the self timer mode and it usually takes a few goes to get a good shot 🙂

  3. Understand the self-timer mode, if I could just teach Layla(my four-legged companion) to push the shutter button. But wait, that won’t work as she is in most of my pictures. 😉

  4. Ireland is beautiful… I’ve been living here for the last seven years and anytime I go for a trip it surprises me with its beauty! Sorry to see you had such miserable weather… it is even more stunning when the sun comes out!

    1. I love the miserable weather! It is all part of the appeal 🙂 I am dying to come back during the summer months though, I would love to visit lots of the smaller cities and towns.

    1. I did! It’s very small but in a cozy way- it’s also a great gateway to the ring of Kerry and dingle bay areas if you get some spare time 😊

      1. Ha! You haven’t seen very small until you’ve seen where I live 🙂 Hoping we will have a day or 2 to explore on our own! The Ring of Kerry is a must from everything I’ve read!

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