A veritable photoshoot by the canals

So this is going to be hands down the most ridiculous blog post I will ever do.

When I got to Venice, my hostel turned out to be pretty crap. None of the lights worked, there was one powerpoint, the heating was not at all effective and to top it all off, I got bedbugs! Despite all this, I remember Venice very fondly, which goes to show how little fancy accommodation matters to me.

A few hours after arriving the only other person I had seen in the hostel thus far came rushing into my dorm.

I said hello to this girl I had never met and no sooner than I had done so, she had poured me a glass of wine, given me food for dinner and rushed out of the dorm with these parting words –Β “I must go now to meet this man but you drink wine and tomorrow we go for photo.” And just like that, she was gone.

I did drink some wine and went to sleep not thinking much of it. When I woke in the morning she was up already, dressed beautifully with her makeup done perfectly- “Up! Get ready for photo.”

What followed these words was the most ridiculous day of my life, in which I had this Russian take at least 300 photos of me in various places around Venice. I still to this day think that it is just utterly ridiculous, so I am going to share this ridiculousness and share a bunch of those very photos for the first time. You will be just as sick of my face as I am by the end of it.

I promise my next post will be photos actually of Venice without me in them!

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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