London Part One: The Things I Liked

A few blog posts ago I expressed my subtle disdain for the city of London. The response from you, my lovely readers, seemed to be that a majority of you loved London and couldn’t understand why it just wasn’t my cup of earl grey. So I am going to try and be as impartial as possible and create a two part post on London, this the first post referring to the things I liked, and the next post about the elements that I was not quite as partial to. So here goes!

1. The Views

I will be the first to admit that seeing any city from above is pretty spectacular, and London is no exception to this. However, when one has seen the colourful Reykjavik cityscape, and looked out from the Sacre Coeur on Christmas Eve, a person may have reason to not fall completely head over heels. London does however get bonus points for providing such a varied array of ways with which to soak in the views.


2. The Rain

While I do enjoy all times of year, I am a winter loving woman through and through, and I love nothing more than spending a day walking around in the rain. London gets pretty close to perfect marks for their near constant state of drizzle.


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3. The Inhabitants

The little fluffball in the following photo followed me halfway around Hyde Park. I named him Wilbur.


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4. The Art

I must admit, looking at piece after piece of Christ on the Cross can become a bit cumbersome, especially for someone like me who is notably skeptical about the existence of a celestial being, so galleries in London with art that is just plain odd? So much more than welcome.


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 5. The History

As someone who has just completed her 41st completely independent birth (so many hours of being on call finished) and will be a fully registered midwife in just a few short weeks (finally), a trip to the Old Operating Theatre was a day well spent. Being able to see antique obstetric and midwifery tools was fascinating, and made me appreciate modern technology more than I ever thought possible. I will not post a photo of it here as it is quite graphic, but the rusted old cervical dilator would be terrifying enough to scare anyone off of pregnancy and childbirth.

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So what do you love about London? Would I like London more if I visited in the summer?

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17 thoughts on “London Part One: The Things I Liked

  1. Thanks for an interesting perspective on London. I plan to visit London and Paris sometime early half of 2015 so this will give me something to mull over ☺

  2. Let’s see: endless rain, squirrels that won’t take no for an answer, and paintings that feature Ronald McDonald are things you like about London. It will be interesting to see what you don’t like. 🙂 –Curt

  3. Yay! Finally one on London. Perhaps I’m just bias but I think more visits and you’d start to appreciate its greatness. Its boroughs like Camden, Islington and then the ‘up-and-coming’ East are all cool. Can’t believe the rain is viewed as a positive!

  4. I loved that none of the locals thought I was American and knew I was Australian. I loved the V and A museum and that you can get Patron Tequila in the supermarket in half bottles.

  5. After spending winter-spring there I can tell you that it honestly gets better. End of April, beginning of May everything is in bloom, which is bad for allergies and amazing for the eyes. The sun comes out, the sky gets bluer, the greens are vibrant and the flowers are everywhere.
    Weather makes the world of difference anywhere you go 🙂
    I love reading the thoughts of a more seasoned traveler!

  6. I love that you gave us marks for the rain, normally that’s where we lose points. Intrigued to see what you didn’t like now… The Old Operating Theatre is brilliant – definitely one of the more underrated tourist attractions that really deserves more love. Absolutely love squirrels too, even though the really beautiful ones are the red squirrels. Are you going to Scotland too? That’s great for red squirrels. x

  7. Our capital is a busy place and I can quite understand why some may not like it despite the quote ‘if you are bored of London, you are bored of life’.

    The trick I find is to get away from all the usual touristy spots, which sounds like you did with the trip to that museum. One of our new finds is the Thames Path, and I’ve always found it is a much more interesting place just after dawn as there is noone around. Enjoy your explorations elsewhere though and hope you do do a bit more of England than just London. We have so much more to offer than our capital

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