Fat in Florence

I arrived into Florence after flying from Reykjavik to Munich via Copenhagen and then catching a train overnight from Munich to Florence. It ended up being a much cheaper option but it took approximately 26 hours and it was tough. After getting the bare minimum 4 hour sleep once arriving in Florence, I was up and ready to explore the city.

My first stop was the cliched (but required) Galleria dell’academia, also known as the home of the Statue of David. I stayed long enough to bore of the repetitive religious imagery present throughout most of the museum before I saw David.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religion or religious imagery, but I seem to find it all very similar, much like the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s entire discography.

The Statue of David was enormous, much bigger than I had expected. A lifetime of watching reruns of The Simpsons successfully planted the assumption in my head that the statue of David was only going to be slightly larger than that of a real human being. This assumption was incorrect. The statue was a certainly a sight to behold. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had been able to get a photograph without being yelled at in Italian. My bad!

I then ended up at the Cathedral di Santa Maria. I climbed the four hundred and thirty seven steps to the top. Very exhausting for someone who hasn’t seen the inside of a gym since 2011! But wow, the views were worth every step.

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Photo 14-01-2014 1 14 40 pm

Photo 14-01-2014 1 22 32 pm

Photo 14-01-2014 1 22 53 pm

Photo 14-01-2014 1 23 45 pm

After I had taken about 100 photographs and enjoyed the view for a good hour, it dawned on me.

I had to climb back down. The horror!

After working up an appetite it was time to rekindle my long term love affair with Italian cuisine. I dove head first into a big plate of pesto linguine and I never looked back! I could feel the Spain related weight gain being joined by Italian related weight gain but it was never not going to be worth it.

Photo 14-01-2014 2 59 55 pm

My next stop on this very busy – yet somehow not rushed – day? The Galleria degli Uffizi. This art gallery was enormous! After seeing the Birth of Venus by Botticelli I quickly lost interest (I am possibly not that cultured when it comes to art) and was keen to head back to my hostel for the free dinner. However one thing became apparent very quickly. When you see a sign marked ‘EXIT’ in this particular gallery, expect it to take at least 20-30 minutes to actually get to said exit.

I stayed in Florence for another few days and had a truly amazing time. I found market after market. I ate gelato after gelato (three gelato runs in a day was not unheard of). I experienced heaven at Gusta Pizza. I marvelled at the beautiful Ponte Vecchio. I was entertained but unimpressed by the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But mostly I ate pasta. Lots and lots and lots of pasta.

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Photo 14-01-2014 5 16 30 pm

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Have you been to Florence? Did you love it?


Getting to Florence: Florence is well connected through rail, air and land connections
Academy Hostel: This is my favourite backpackers in Florence, click here to learn more
Camera: Images captured with an iPhone 4S
Remember: If you are going to buy any souvenirs in Italy, make it a leather bag from Florence – they are gorgeous!

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48 thoughts on “Fat in Florence

  1. You’re beautiful, you’re young, you’re travelling the globe. A lot of reasons to envy you πŸ™‚ Enjoy every moment of it because life is indeed too short. Be always safe wherever you are, take care of yourself, practice cautious (now I sound like a mother, but I am and have two kids around your age who love to do what you’re doing too) and I wish all the best in life. I’ll check on you from time to time to see what you been up to.

  2. Great post and great blog! I’ve been there once in February and I loved it (it wasn’t too crowded and seemed very romantic!). I’m passionately in love with Italy as such: landscapes, food, wine, you name it…

  3. My friends and I stopped in Florence when I backpacked there and were supposed to stay for 1 night. … We stayed 4! It’s a gorgeous city. I was mesmerized by the Duomo. I know what you mean about the art – it can get redundant – especially if you’re there with an art history major like I was. Two of us finally bailed and went shopping! Great post!

  4. Is travel on your own a challenge? I’m love to be free to explore the hidden beauty of the world but I always feel nervous when think of dangerous issues may happen in the way. You have a great experience <3

    1. At times it can be, but for the most part it is wonderful. I have rarely felt unsafe on my own and I love the freedom that comes with solo travel. You should definitely give it a go! Even if it is just for a short trip, you may love it.

  5. Fat or not, it’s definitely on my list. πŸ™‚ I’ve seen much of the Italian Lakes, Venice, and the Amalfi coast but yet to do the bit in the middle. I will! πŸ™‚

  6. Your pictures are so breathtaking! I had the chance to visit Italy but unfortunately didn’t make it to Florence. It is definitively on my bucket travel-list <3

  7. I loved Florence!
    But you are right- Italy is just one long string of carbs (delicious, delicious carbs)… and gelato.
    The quality of the pizza, pasta, bread, and gelato is just unreal- and at the end of the day, totally worth it because soon you will be dreaming of that one pasta dish that you can’t have again for a long while! I know I certainly have those dreams.
    I blogged about my time in Florence here if you’d like to read about it: http://classiccosmopolite.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/a-perfect-florentine-day-florence/

  8. Yes, I have been to Florence, and I did love it — though I agree that the religious art does begin to get unpleasantly repetitive. But there is still so much to see that is wonderful. Did you get to the Pitti Palace? Awesome collections, including fabulous examples of classic florentine stone work (such as an entire desk made of gold and lapis lazuli, and a table with mythological images created of inlays of semi-precious stones). Or the Museum of History of Science — get to see Galileo’s telescope, among other wonders. Great town. And yes, great food.

    Happy travels. I look forward to hearing about South Africa. Cynthia

  9. Hoping to make it here next year! Your food pics are awesome, exactly what I think of when Italy travel comes to mind.

  10. Florence was my first trip out of the US! Sadly, I was not too impressed. Aside from China, Florence is probably the lowest on my list of places I’ve been to! I don’t know what it is about it, but I just didn’t love it! I went over Christmas in December so no crowds, but eh, it wasn’t all I thought it would be! I’m still so glad I went and have many similar pictures and did a lot of the same things as you!

  11. A backpacker I met in Germany told me Florence and Prague are his favourite cities. I managed to see Prague but missed this one, but I can see from these pics what her meant. One day.. one day… I’ll get there.. Thank you for the post

  12. All of these pictures are incredible! You’ve made me 10 times more excited now! We are getting married at the Villa La Vedetta- I don’t know if you saw it while you were there.
    Followed your blog! What an amazing life you live!!

  13. Sorry..I’ve never been to Florence. Italy is a bit far down on the list, but I enjoyed reading about your experience there. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy travels! Melissa πŸ™‚

  14. I smile knowingly at the line-
    “I could feel the Spain related weight gain being joined by Italian related weight gain but it was never not going to be worth it.”
    Very true πŸ™‚ I studied in Spain last school semester and now am studying in Italy. All so very worth it ^_^

  15. I remember reading this back in November – it rekindled my desire to see more of Italy (only been to Rome so far). Just my luck, I am visiting Tuscany this August and a trip to Florence is definitely on the cards πŸ™‚ now to relearn Italian and prepare for all the delicious food and gelato!

    1. You should definitely live your dream and book a trip to Florence! It’s an incredible city, you would never forget it 😊

  16. Nice post, Florence is amazing, I was there for a few months earlier this year. I felt exactly the same about the Uffizi! That Pizza looks so good, it’s worth visiting Italy just for the food!

  17. I really enjoyed visiting Florence a few years ago, but after a couple of days I think I overloaded on art, I think it took me a week to find the exit to the Uffizi gallery! The gelato is so good!
    I was also very disappointed by the Leaning Tower of Pisa, such a let down haha.

      1. Yes, different buildings in different cities around the world haha. I went with a friend who was a real art nut and insisted we looked at pretty much every piece of art in there!!!

      2. Yes me too! I was so tired after the trip, there’s only so much culture I can take haha. BTW did you see me blog regards Chernobyl? May give you an idea when you visit the Ukraine?

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