Amazing days and atrocious nights in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is a popular day trip from Cape Town for wine tastings and beautiful surroundings. There are over 300 wine farms in the Stellenbosch region, so I decided to spend a few days there to really put my palate to good use. This ended up being a somewhat regretted decision. My days spent on wine farms in Stellenbosch were absolutely wonderful, but my nights spent in what I would argue is one of the worst hostels in South Africa did put a bit of a negative spin on the experience.

For anybody travelling to Stellenbosch in the near future, I urge you, please do not stay at the Stumble Inn hostel. The only other hostel (Banghoek Place) was sold out, so instead of paying extra for a bed and breakfast or a guest house, I went with the only other hostel. I will not bore you with details of what the hostel did that made it so atrocious, but to put it in perspective, I stayed three nights and didn’t end up paying a penny for my accommodation. A staff member at the hostel ended up agreeing that it was so bad that I should not have to pay, which does say something about the business that they are running, and I use the term “business” loosely.

But enough of the negative and on with the positive!

The wine farms in Stellenbosch are all absolutely gorgeous, each one has it’s own distinct personality and charm. Simonsig offers a short tour through some of their winemaking facilities and the tasting area is often accompanied by bearded musicians strumming guitars, so it’s pretty much perfect.

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De Morgenzon is one of the more beautiful wine farms, and it is also one of the few, if not the only, that plays music to some of it’s vines, believing that the vibrations from the music will enhance the quality of the grapes.

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Jordan Wines is another gem in Stellenbosch, with beautiful lakes and lush green grass flanked by clear blue skies and mountains.

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So, what do you think? A fan of the wine farms or not for you?

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18 thoughts on “Amazing days and atrocious nights in Stellenbosch

  1. Sorry to hear of your bad experience at Stumble Inn. There are so many good and inexpensive places to stay in S.A. I do hope you don’t have another experience like that here.

  2. Oh wow so bad that they don’t even want you to pay??? That sounds bad but on the bright side these photos look so amazing. I would give an arm and a leg to visit that wine farm it’s so beautiful!

  3. We were there just a week ago, but just for the day combining wine and cheese tasting at one place, dark chocolate tasting at the next and completed the day with sparkling wine and nougat tasting. I found the vineyard area beautiful and certainly appreciated the cleanliness of the white washed buildings of Stellenbosch. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures.

  4. This looks brilliant. The photography is great. I went to Adelaide and went to different wineries and it was absolutely amazing, one of the best days I was over there. The views as well as the produce is brilliant. Love this and adding this to my follow list.

  5. Poor you! That’s known as a ‘party’ hostel and they use it for African tour (contiki-like) stop-overs…feels like I should’ve invited you over (I stay in Stellenbosch and have an extra room!) lol.
    Great photos! You saw some of the best places here 🙂

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