Canoes, hikes and a waterfall

After a tiring but exciting day of paragliding and kloofing, the only thing to do was make myself even more exhausted with a full day of canoeing and hiking! Lisa and I had heard about a beautiful trail leading to a lovely waterfall and that acquiring a canoe to get to the start of the trail was not going to be a difficult feat. So after a hearty brekkie and after sloshing on as much insect repellant and sunscreen as is humanly possible, we were off!

Canoeing proved difficult whilst going upstream, as the canoe itself was old and clunky and the mish-mashing currents prevented us from moving straight ahead with any semblance of ease. We had to constantly correct the canoe, but at least we were comforted by the knowledge that the current would in our favour on the way back.

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After a solid hour of canoeing and about ten minutes of non stop laughing when we had to lug the canoe through a particularly shallow stretch of river, we made it to the beginning of the trail! After only around ten minutes of hiking we reached a beautiful stretch of river which is made passable with the presence of a pontoon.

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One has to use the ropes to pull the pontoon across the river. It isn’t at all hard but if you move too quickly you can cause the pontoon to lurch if it hits any rocks. Luckily this did not happen to us, but we did see some other hikers almost get thrown into the water. Once across the hiking began! I should definitely note that the hike itself is not at all demanding for anyone of a reasonable fitness level, but so amazingly rewarding. I spent the entire hike putting away my camera only to take it out again five seconds later! This continued all afternoon.

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After not too long we reached the beautiful waterfall everyone had told us about. It was beautiful, and a lovely spot to relax and eat our packed snacks before the hike and canoe back to Fairy Knowe.

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The hike and canoe were just as lovely on the return trip, and luckily our canoe decided to behave itself a bit more the second time around. If you can set aside the million mosquito bites we got during the course of the day, it was a pretty much perfect experience.

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Camera: iPhone 5
Cost: 150ZAR for full day canoe hire (approx $15 AUD)
Hostel: Fairy Knowe Backpackers
Pack: Sunscreen and lots of it!

Thanks for continuing to read about my travels and adventures! This blog of mine hit over 1000 followers last week which absolutely blows my mind! I have started a Facebook page for this little blog where I will be posting more stories, photos and updates about my upcoming travel, so if you want to stay even more in the loop, feel free to check it out (

I also wanted to share that last week I did some more flight booking and this chica is heading to Greenland in September! So I am just a little bit excited and stoked with that upcoming travel plan.

Finally, I have decided that around this time next year I will be heading off around the world indefinitely; and I would love for my fellow travellers/wonderful readers to tell me about their favourite places in the world, or any places which I absolutely must visit. Otherwise, maybe you could tell me something you would like to read about? Maybe you want to hear about adventures in Iran, or winter in Siberia or maybe about a trip to Lalibela in Ethiopia? Whatever it is, I am dying to know about it.

Until next time amigos!

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30-something year old Australian backpacker writing her way around the world.

48 thoughts on “Canoes, hikes and a waterfall

  1. Nice post! Next year sounds like a great adventure – I live permanently out of my suitcase too as you’ll see on my blog so if you need any tips/ideas, I’m happy to help! Sally

  2. Nice post/blog! Good luck on your adventure – I live out of a suitcase too ( as you’ll see on my blog) so I you need any solo lady traveller tips let me know! Happy to help ☺️

  3. Can’t wait to read about Greenland. As for recommendation on where to go – I get the feeling that regardless of where you are, you’ll find the silver lining and will love it. That’s what we life travelers do – it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

  4. How exciting! we did something of this sort in Wayanad, Kerala. The highlight was a bamboo raft πŸ™‚

    Let me know as you plan to visit India sometimes, would go on a trek in Himalayas together πŸ˜€

    <3, Purnima

  5. Looks like so much fun! Might have to check it out as I’m romping around South Africa this year. Thanks for the follow! Am excited to keep reading about where your adventures take you. Cheers!

  6. What an adventure! On your next trip, how about Japan? Or for landscape, wildlife and adventures, I recommend Madagascar, where I’m originally from.
    Looking forward to reading your adventures!

  7. Hey! I’m curious. I’ve read some of your posts here and there, but I wondered… how old are you? How will you afford $$$ to travel abroad for a year? I’m 25, and it interests me greatly, but I don’t know how long I’d have to save to have the finances for a big trip like that! I almost feel like I’m too old…

    1. I am 21! I have just finished university but have paid for all my previous travel through saving every cent I made and participating in clinical medical trials. I have started a full time position now and will be saving everything I can. The thing is, travelling doesn’t need to be expensive, once you’ve bought your flights you can live very very frugally! I’ll be posting soon about how to travel on the cheap πŸ™‚

  8. Greetings to you. Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I appreciate that. I will be following you on your explorations of the world. Wish I could do that, also. Have been all over the Pacific while serving in the US Navy, but nowhere like you have been. Have a great time, but be careful out there! ~ Les

  9. Lovely photos. Looks like a nice place to visit. You’ll love Greenland. I went in 1990 and it has stayed on my list of all time great visits (i went by myself also). I am stoked as my husband has just agreed that he will make the trip so I’m looking forward to another visit. Make sure you also go to Iceland whilst you are there.

    1. I’ve been to iceland before but I loved it so much that I’ll definitely be stopping there after visiting Greenland! Where did you go in Greenland?

  10. You like canoeing???? Come to CANADA!!! We invented it! Lol! Honestly…we have some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers in the world. Come see some glaciers and icebergs, waterfalls and mountains, valleys and prairies, cityscapes and rural wonderlands. We got it all topped with the friendliest people in the world!

    Great post! Looking forward to reading about your Greenland experience! I, myself, just booked my trip to the Philippines. EXCITED!!!

  11. I must admit that I agree with Krista. Travelling like you do must be rather expensive to do. I wish that I could afford to do that. Being Retired, I would have to save every penny that I could. Flying from one place to another is not cheap by any means. I would love to return to the places that I’ve been while in the Navy to see what has changed over the years. Even Vietnam would be nice. Return to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Sydney Australia, Auckland, New Zealand, and much more. There is a photo of my ship in Sydney from 1967 on my Blog. Have a great time out there! ~ Les

    1. It isn’t nearly as expensive as you would think. Couchsurfing is free, hostels are cheap and if you buy flights at the right times you can save a lot of money. I often hitchhike between places or catch public transport which saves an unbelievable amount of money. Also, if you cook most meals and only eat out a few times a week it saves so much again. Travel can be very cheap, you just have to put extra effort into finding the cheapest way to do things πŸ™‚

  12. Looks awesome, Have you found an insect repellent that works??!! Sure greenland will be fun, theres something amazing about scenery carved by ice πŸ™‚ its on my hit list.

  13. You are amazing.thanks for sharing with us..!!
    Is there any plan to visit india??
    You will enjoy many beautiful place and diverse cultures too.!!!
    Looking foreword for your next adventures..!!

  14. Wow what a fun trip and gorgeous pictures. i just love reading your updates. when i first saw your blog i thought this girl is going to be famous someday! you know i am right!! thank you!!!!

    1. I don’t know about that! I’d just like to visit every country in the world and take as many people as I can with me 😊

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