Another beautiful day in Wilderness

My last day in Wilderness was filled with sun, sand, cocktails and a seriously full belly. I had been waking up consistently early during this week, possibly due to some subtly relentless jetlag. Every morning at about 5.30am I would find myself wide awake. In order to entertain myself I would walk down to the main house and curl up on the outdoor couches. Every single morning I would be greeted by the gorgeous hostel cat who would curl up on my neck and lap and keep me company until the rest of civilisation would awaken.

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Walking from Fairy Knowe Backpackers into the town takes about 30 minutes and is an absolutely lovely walk. For the first day in several weeks, the weather was not rainy or overcast, but sunny and glorious. Lisa and I started the day with a 90 minute yoga session run by Fairy Knowe and although we had initially planned to spend the day hiking again, we soon decided to make use of the sunshine and spend the day indulging.

The town sits about 40 metres from the beautiful, pristine and mostly empty Wilderness beach. I have been told that as the summer months progress the town and beach becomes much more crowded, but as I visited towards the end of shoulder season, I seemed to constantly be lucky enough to avoid huge crowds.

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My beloved Birkenstocks go with me everywhere

I took hundreds (if not thousands) of photos during my time in South Africa, but Wilderness beach provided the setting for one of my absolute favourites.

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Lisa and I spent several hours on the beach, she spent her time sunbathing and I spent my time applying sunscreen in 10 minutely intervals. Doing nothing all day really does help one work up an appetite, so it wasn’t long before we went in search of food and booze. We wandered for just a few minutes before we came across Cocomo restaurant. There is a reason this place has a 5 star rating on Facebook! The service is impeccable, the staff are all stupidly attractive, the cocktails are both plentiful and cheap, costing between 30ZAR – 50 ZAR ($3-$5) each. Also, the meals are food-baby inducing in the best possible way, I could eat the stuffed mushrooms every day for the rest of my life.

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I cannot recall this being taken...
I cannot recall this being taken…

The walk back to the hostel seemed to go much quicker which may be because of the somewhat excessive consumption of delicious fruity flavoured alcohol. Walking back along the now out of use train tracks was absolutely beautiful, and it is a testament to that beauty that I can remember it so clearly, despite my increased blood vodka levels.

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Camera: iPhone 5
Hostel: Fairy Knowe Backpackers
Days/Nights: 3/3
Budget: 1500ZAR ($150) for 3 days incl. accommodation, meals, drinks, paragliding, canoeing & kloofing

Thankyou for continuing to read all my stories! So tell me, are any of you (my lovely readers) planning or hoping to head to South Africa in the future?

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35 thoughts on “Another beautiful day in Wilderness

  1. Your post is really inviting and I think this place is a must visit.

    Beautiful post and loved the images πŸ™‚

    Thanks a lot for sharing… and have a great time πŸ™‚

  2. One more awesome post.!! I dont know when i will get chance to roam like you..but I have been to all places what ever you visited along with you.your awesome narration along with photos made us to expirence the beauty of those places.!!!
    Go ahead.!!
    Happy journey dear friend.!!

  3. Hey Ellen,
    Looks like a blast down where you’re at.
    I love my birks too. Up here in Alaska the guys on my boat call them “Christ Cruisers”, but like you, I don’t go anywhere without them.

      1. No I’ve not it will be my first time there! I saw your pictures and they look incredible!! πŸ™‚ do you have any plans for when you go back or things to not miss?

      2. I’ll definitely be heading to the Myvatn area when I go back! But you definitely don’t want to miss the golden circle, glacier hiking and dog sledding!

  4. A very nice blog Ellen. You are fortunate to have lived those experiences. (The crocodile cage is amazing!)
    I was raised in Africa myself, but at that time there were no – relatively – tame lions or elephants to come near to.
    Thanks for the share (and the follow)

  5. South Africa is definitely a country I want to spend some time in! There are a couple of international schools in South Africa that I would love to work at one day.

    Lovely pics and great info too!

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