Skydiving in stunning Plettenberg Bay

Skydiving has always been something that I have been itching to cross off the bucket list. There have been past opportunities, but these have always been either too expensive, or been lacking the beautiful scenery that could truly make jumping out of a plane worth more than the adrenaline rush. Plettenberg Bay is considered one of the world’s most beautiful skydiving spots, so it seemed like the perfect place for my first skydive!

Skydive Plett is the only company in town and they offer tandem jumps with experienced divers from 10,000-12,000ft, with the option to land on the beach or at the airport. Being a budget backpacker and given that this was my first ever skydive, I opted for the standard 10,000ft dive with an airport landing. At 1850R ($185) this was by far the most pricey experience I had whilst in South Africa, but it was worth every penny.

I arrived early in the morning at Plettenberg Bay airport with nothing but excitement on the brain. I was surprised by the absence of nervousness, I expected to be at least a little bit terrified! But this was not the case, I was quite clearly nothing but keen for the adventure!

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The tiny aircraft had only one proper seat for the pilot, so we sat in the back with legs outstretched. The 20 minute scenic flight was nothing short of breathtaking, and I recall being unable to stop wriggling in my excitement.

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Then after what seemed like only a few minutes, the plane door opened and out we went! If you want to see proof that I giggled upon jumping out of a plane, check out this footage from my skydive!

The feeling of freefalling is almost impossible to describe. All my thoughts just disappeared and all I could feel was excitement, freedom, amazement! Not once did I feel fear, just exhilarated, like I now knew what flying felt like. Once the 22 second freefall was over and the parachute had deployed, I was able to really see the world from a whole different angle and a brand new perspective.

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Upon landing this girl could not have wiped the smile from her face if she had tried. There were big grins all around and a good mood that lasted all day! I also made the decision that if my career in midwifery ever fizzled out, I would happily become a skydive instructor!

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Camera: GoPro Hero
Hostel: Amakaya Backpackers
Budget: 120-130ZAR for an 8 bed dorm per night
Days/Nights: 3/3
Remember: Closed toed shoes that won’t fall off your feet!
Skydiving: Tandem skydive from 10,000ft with airport landing R1850 ($185) or R2250 ($225) with camera footage. Beach landings and/or dives from 12,000ft also available. Check out Skydive Plett for more info!

So my lovely readers! Have you ever skydived? If so, where did you make your jump? If not, would you be game to in the future?

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51 thoughts on “Skydiving in stunning Plettenberg Bay

  1. I laughed most of the way through as the other parachustist seemed to dive-bomb you. And your first words…”Can we go again”. Never tried it despite living near a jump school. I do recall driving past a man walking up the road towards the jump school with his parachute tucked under his arm and wearing a huge grin. I think his aim may have been a bit off. Good for you…Cheers.

  2. Looks absolutely incredible and views are breathtaking!! You’re so brave, good on you for doing it, truly impressive πŸ™‚

  3. You were so relaxed!
    I skydived 12,000ft on holiday in Queenstown, New Zealand.
    I was terrified, emotional & felt sick with fear. If I didn’t have my video I still wouldn’t believe that I did it. Once the parachute is pulled and you are floating, that was nice. I wouldn’t do it again, saying that, I never thought I’d do it the first time either.

  4. My feet went weak seeing your pictures. Ahahha But i bet it was so much fun! I’ve never skydive befire because they’re expensive. Below $200 is actually one of the less expensive ones around, huh?

    I feel like visiting this Plettenberg now. Bur it’s so far from where I am! Greetings from Singapore!

  5. That’s awesome! I did mine in England, in a town called March (near Cambridge). It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done and I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out at the last minute or anything. I sure would like to do it again!

  6. Wow, I think everyone have that on their bucket list, but not so many actually do it. I know that I never want! Really cool pictures to! πŸ™‚

  7. Great post and amazing photos! I’ve kind of put skydiving off my list when I had my children, but now I am having second thoughts :).

  8. Sky diving is amazing!! Dying to go again!! First and only jump was in Portugal. Scenery not as nice as your jump. But still a brilliant experience!

  9. Gutsy girl! I don’t think my fear of heights will allow it. I conquered that enough to become a snowboarder, but, my rationale was that I was still connected with the ground. Good for you!

  10. That’s a beautiful view! It does look like you are enjoying yourself a lot, I can’t help smiling when reading your blog:D

  11. I love your blog. I wish to travel more and this will give me some great ideas. I have Skydived once. I just did it at home in Cincinnati, but it was awesome! I can’t wait to do it again.

  12. Yes totally agree! I wasn’t scared at all during my skydive, I only felt exhilaration! But your location looks so much more awesome! Look at the view!!

  13. Haha the second that door opened and I heard the rushing wind on the video, my face split into a huge grin and my heart started pumping lol. Definitely remember that rush! I’ve done it tandem in Queenstown, NZ and wasn’t overly impressed despite the amazing view and heart stopping 15000ft drop. So I took a class and jumped out solo…way different ball game! Bungy is better, but skydiving is still a rush. Climbing out of the plane is still the scariest part and therefore my favourite part πŸ˜„

  14. Amazing!! I’ve always wanted to to try this but seem to chicken out, right after the thought crosses my mind. Brave girl! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜†

    1. I think once it’s booked you would definitely do it! Just book a tandem jump one day and you will do it and you will love it 😊

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