Bloukrans: The World’s Highest Bridge Bungee

It’s safe to say that I am a pretty adventurous type of girl. I have cage dived with Great White Sharks, jumped out of a plane, gone snorkelling in the middle of a blizzard, hung out with lions, gone caving in Budapest and donned some crampons for vertical ice climbing. Throughout all of these adventures, and throughout the rest of my life, I have been pretty much fearless. However, that all changed when I set foot on the Bloukrans Bridge near The Crags in South Africa. A busy thoroughfare for buses and trucks, and also the home of the highest bridge bungee jump, and the third highest overall bungee jump in the world.

I had pre-purchased my jump online, knowing that if I had paid for it, I wouldn’t back out, even if I wanted to. It might seem strange that I felt no fear when flinging myself from a plane, yet felt true terror when faced with the prospect of jumping off a bridge. To me, the bungee is scarier because it is all on you. When skydiving, you are strapped to another person, who is going to jump out of that plane whether you like it or not; and having the decision making part taken away from you, actually makes the process easier and much less daunting. When you bungee jump, you have to be the one to decide to do something that goes against every single survival instinct your body has. To say that I was a bit scared was an understatement.

The Bloukrans Bungee is a whopping 216m jump. Located between Nature’s Valley and Storms River, it is an easy stop along the Garden Route. Once you arrive at the bridge, it is all very efficient. Face Adrenalin, the company running the bungee, does hundreds of jumps each day, so at this point, they have it down to a fine art. First things first, you check in, and are then weighed, which was almost as terrifying as the jump itself! Next you harnessed up, and then it’s time to walk across the underside of the bridge to the bungee point. Known as the ‘bridgewalk’, this is an option for people wanting to get up close to the edge without the pressure of having to jump.

DCIM101GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The bungee point is surprisingly upbeat. With a huge sound system blaring out fast paced tunes and an entire group of staff who are genuinely funny and excited for you to have the most incredible experience of your life, it isn’t as daunting as I had expected. However, the tension, excitement and nervousness amongst jumpees is sufficiently palpable.

I was the sixth person in my group to jump. I was pretty okay while waiting to get my harness adjusted and go through the quick safety briefing.

Photo 1-03-2015 5 10 13 pm (1)

Photo 1-03-2015 5 10 12 pm (1)

But it was at this point, when they started to position me at the edge of the bridge that the fear really set in.

Excuse the big booty!
Excuse the big booty!

When they told me to put my toes over the edge, I really didn’t think I could jump. Every part of my mind was screaming ‘NO!’, and I remember saying that I couldn’t do it at least three times. However, and kudos to the staff for this, I ended up only taking about 5 seconds to jump. The two men getting me jump ready responded to my cries of ‘I can’t’ simply by counting me down. They yelled “3, 2, 1, BUNGEE!” and I jumped.

It was the most incredible experience of my life. The moment I was off the bridge, all fear was gone. The feeling of falling felt like it lasted much longer than the 7 seconds that it did (four seconds on one side of the bridge and 3 seconds on the other side due to a pendulum effect). I could feel my heart racing and the wind in my hair and the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I would go as far as to say that this feeling was the greatest feeling ever (and that includes being better than sex).

There is video footage of my jump, but I shall not be posting it here, as it mainly consists of me screaming and swearing like an absolute banshee. I did get some pretty sweet shots though, and the company takes some shots too. A little hint for those who may be heading to Bloukrans in the future – if you are planning to do as I did and take your GoPro or other handheld camera, be aware that they will only let you do so if you agree to pay for the Face Adrenalin photos too.

DCIM101GOPRO Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Photo 1-03-2015 5 10 12 pm

Photo 1-03-2015 5 10 10 pm (1)

Photo 1-03-2015 5 10 10 pm (2)

After hanging upside down for a solid 20 seconds post jump, I was greeted by this smiling face. This charmer has the fun job of retrieving jumpers post bungee, and plays the role of saviour very well. After he called me beautiful at least three times it was time to climb back onto the bridge.

Photo 1-03-2015 5 10 08 pm (1)




Photo 1-03-2015 5 10 07 pm (1)

Once back up to safety, I could not wipe the smile from my face! I had so much adrenaline and energy, I could not stop jumping around all afternoon! I would definitely bungee jump again (I’d do it in a heartbeat to be honest) and am now researching the best jumps in the world so that I can do them all!

Post jump smiles
Post jump smiles
Photo 1-03-2015 5 10 07 pm
Jules, the dutch cutie from my hostel

Photo 1-03-2015 5 10 04 pm

Camera: GoPro Hero
Hostel: Rocky Road Backpackers, The Crags
Budget: R130 ($13) per night for a four bed dorm, R150 ($15) for transfers to and from Bloukrans Bridge
Remember: Nerves of steel!
Bungee Jumping: R850 ($85) for a single bungee, discounted rates if you book a second jump on the same day. R100 for the bridgewalk for non jumpers. Visit Face Adrenalin for more details and to book.

So, I know I have quite a few daredevils reading this blog, would you be game to take the plunge and jump off Bloukrans Bridge, or would you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground?

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93 thoughts on “Bloukrans: The World’s Highest Bridge Bungee

  1. I’ve done a skydive but could never imagine myself doing a bungee! It’s exactly as you said, while skydiving it’s going to happen whether you like it or not but with the bungee it’s all on you. Well done for doing it! It looks amazing.

  2. I am so jealous of this. I have always wanted to go bungee jumping! I will definitely do it when the opportunity comes, if it doesn’t, I’ll make my own opportunities hahaha! -Jon

  3. Wow! Reading this was like reading the article I was writing in my head, only mine was about the Nevis in New Zealand! The way you described bungy vs. sky diving is exactly the same way I always describe it to people, including the screaming like a banshee part haha.

    I have bungyed (bungied?), tandem sky dived and solo sky dived, and I can honestly say the biggest rush was still bungying. I always say that when you bungy, you feel the fall. You start at 0km/hr and have that moment where your brain feels like it missed a step going the stairs and you feel yourself speeding up and you start thinking as you free fall that they forgot to tie you in and you are going to die. Sky diving just feels like you are sticking your head out of the car window while going down the highway at 200km/hr. You don’t feel the fall.

    Would definitely bungy again 100 times before I go sky diving again.

    As for recommendations, the Nevis is incredible!

  4. I’ve often wondered whether I’d be game enough to go skydiving. But posts like yours are now pushing me to doing it, whenever I get the chance. I thought the sensation from skydiving was wonderful enough (almost as good as sex). Skydiving really is better than that?

  5. I did that jump about 6 years ago, and I am terrified of heights. I hadn’t intended to jump but they really do have a very upbeat atmosphere and I got talked into it. My video also mostly consists of screaming and arm waving haha.

  6. I have been waiting for these photos since your dad gave it away…. It looks fantastic but I have a huge fear of heights so have lived vicariously through some of your adventures.



  7. Recently found your blog and can’t stop reading!! I got chills just reading the bungee post and looking at the pictures. I’d love to do it, too… but think I’d freak out at the last minute! Again, love your blog :), can’t wait to catch up on all your past adventures and look forward to the next ones!!

      1. Fantastic thanks, we were a bit unfortunate with the weather for the Golden Circle tour. The Lights didn’t really come out either! But that didn’t ruin it, very cool place.

      2. The blue lagoon, a local swimming bath, the free walking tour of Reykjavik, Halgrimskirkja. I think that’s about it! Really need to do my Iceland part 2 post, getting so lazy with my blogging.

  8. Scared of heights but love doing new and exciting things so doing this would really contradict me in so many ways. I don’t know if I could make the leap.

  9. Aaaah I am terrified just looking at the photos! πŸ˜€ Though weirdly enough, I have thought once or twice that I’d like to try skydiving… It’s a weird distinction to make, isn’t it?

  10. You are so brave! I could never do it. The scaredy cats can just live vicariously through your blog πŸ™‚

  11. This looks amazing !!! you have some guts, I really fancy doing a skydive but never could I imagine doing a bungee jump for some reason the idea scares me πŸ™‚ x

  12. Oh my God, oh my God…. I felt every word you said here….as in, I also feel you fear and the excitement and everything. Jeeeeeeeeeez! But still, I wanna do it, one day! πŸ˜‰

  13. I was fascinated by the title of your blog “Travelling the World Solo” but was surprised to not find any travels in Asia. I hope that it is there in your future plans. You might want to visit India and Pakistan if you come this way. Lot of people have security fears when they plan to travel in this region but the situation is not as bad as it looks from far away.

  14. Omg.. I’m afraid of heights. The most thrilling ride I can go for and not “choke and die” are roller coasters ride.. Reading your post, I can feel every bid of the “choke and die” moments that I’ll have if I jump of anything… Looking at your amazing pictures…!! It’s a amazeballs!!

  15. Travelling the world solo – that’s truly scary to me. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have found a perfect travel buddy – we’re now 66 and 72 – and are doing our 8th major trip together – Berlin, St. Petersburg, and Brussels (May – June 2015). Yes – we’ve going for less challenging these days – but there’s adventure – if not bungee jumping – everywhere. For every age. Solo – or not solo. Maybe we’ll bump into you at a youth hostel along the way – we’re the grannies! Thanks for checking out my blog – loved yours! Still – solo… oh, now that’s scary!

  16. wwellend…that was great! It is always a refreshing to hear about fearlessness. I’ve done skydiving, but not bungee or BASE jumping. I was tempted to begin the experience in Vegas off the Stratosphere, but didn’t do it. (Schedule and Contemplation) Perhaps a better scenery is what I need to push me over the edge. Thanks for sharing your story! πŸ™‚

      1. I have been there many times and many of the international volunteers that I work with have bungee’d off that bridge- not me- so I simply had to! Nice one! It’s about an hours drive from my house

      2. It’s certainly an amazing experience 😊 you are lucky to live in such a beautiful corner of the world!

      3. I am indeed! We actually were there on Saturday! Nearly did not make it (car trouble) but their amazing operations manager helped me when we got there

  17. I felt your fear when reading this. You’re such a bad ass and can’t imagine that I’m going to do this in July, aaah, so soon! I want to step out of my comfort zone and planned to do this bungee, skydive, abseil and cage shark diving, but i’m actually really a puss so i’m curious if a have the guts to do everything when I’m really there in South Africa haha.

    1. I did all of those things! The bungee, skydive, abseil and shark cage dive! Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have the guts to do absolutely everything 😊

    2. Of all the things you’ve listed, Id say that the cage diving is the least scary. In fact, its more fun and safe that I imagined it to be. The scariest part is hoping to not accidentally getting whacked in the head by the fish bait they throw out over the cages to entice the sharks lol

      But this jump. Insanely amazing. I want to go back jut to do it again.

      1. I didn’t find cage diving scary either! It wasn’t the first time I’d done it but still… A great experience for sure, but scary? Not quite. But the bungee is scarily awesome!

  18. I did this jump in March, on the windiest, rainiest day you’d imagine and it just made it that much better with an added level of excitement to it! Coolest and most fun thing Ive ever done and would do it again in a heartbeat. Skydiving doesn’t even seem scary or even appealing after doing this. Kudos to the Face Adrenalin staff for making it fun, making me feel safe and you’re totally right, they’ve got that countdown thing down so strategically perfect, it makes jumping easier to go through with! I still haven’t figured out why more people don’t go to South Africa!!!! Amazing place.

    1. I know! There’s so much stigma associated with South Africa travel, but I had nothing but great experiences! So many amazing things to do and all the people are wonderful.

  19. It’s absolutely brilliant. We did it back in 2002 and it sounds like not much has changed.
    My worst moments were the few seconds before the jump, standing at the platform with my toes curled over the edge.
    You’ve described the experience so beautifully.
    Thanks for reviving those memories.

  20. Oh god, just reading this made my stomach drop, and I feel like I’m going to cry. I am the biggest baby, but I love reading your story and looking at your photos. Brave lady!!

  21. Love this post! I recently did the highest in India – in RIshikesh over the Ganges at 83m, and this one is definitely on my bucket list! The scenery looks amazing too and I imagine the buzz from having done the highest bungee jump in the world is pretty incredible! One day… πŸ˜€

      1. The Rishikesh one really is good, definitely recommend! The company is Jump Masters from New Zealand and they’re so professional. Best of all is the price! 3000 Rupees, so only around Β£30!

  22. My heart was racing and my stomach clenching as I read your account. I did a baby bungee jump (100 ft) a couple of summers ago and also screamed like a banshee! Don’t know if I could make such a big jump. Kudos to you!

  23. Oh my goodness! I did my first Bungee in December (Sagana – Kenya) & I felt nothing but Terror (I think I also passed out a little). A mere 60M. You’ve done a lot, Kudos! and I am so inspired.
    I welcome you to Kenya (we’re a peace loving lot, just a lot of bad publicity).

      1. I live in the capital, Nairobi. Going by your blog, I think you’d get a kick out of a balloon Safari in the Mara. Or if you’d like to sample our beaches, Wasini Island and Lamu off the coast would be lovely

  24. I can’t believe you did this jump! My husband did it many years ago, and I still think he was nuts. I love your sense of adventure!

  25. Nooooo no no no nooooo x_X haha im terrified of aaanything higher than a foot!!!!!

  26. I’ve driven over that bridge on a few occasions… I’ve even done a search and rescue mission in the gorge but I’ll NEVER jump off the bridge!! 😈

  27. Just reading this got me weak in the knees!!!
    I totally agree with you when you say bungee jumping is more scary than skydiving because it’s all on you. I’ve done both and I could not have said it better myself!!
    You me laugh when you said jumping was even better than sex…I’d have to agree on that hahah! I love this post and will be looking through your blog now πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  28. awesome post!
    since u said you were looking up locations around the world, i remember someone telling me, there is one in Rishikesh, India.. Supposedly the tallest one in India! Look it up maybe?!


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