‘Dope on a Rope’ – Worlds Highest Abseil

If you have been following my travels for a while now, you’d not be at all surprised that when I found out that the World’s Highest Abseil just happened to be in Cape Town, I was already halfway through signing up. Table Mountain is the most iconic feature of gorgeous Cape Town, perhaps even all of South Africa. From wherever you are within the city, chances are that you will be able to look up and see Table Mountain, or perhaps one of the nearby peaks that flank it. Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak sit alongside Table Mountain, and make for some of the most breathtaking views within all of the Mother City.

Abseil Africa operate from the summit of the mountain and specialise in “throwing” people off the mountain. I’d never abseiled before, so starting with the World’s Highest commercial abseil seemed like a great place to start.

It was an absolutely stunning day, the sun was shining and I didn’t feel nervous at all. Just eager to get started!

Photo 21-05-2015 10 35 21 am

The first things to do were harness up and try to strap my GoPro to my hand with nothing but a few hair ties.

Photo 21-05-2015 10 21 01 am

Then it was time to go! As it turns out, I took to abseiling like a duck to water, and it wasn’t long before I was jumping off the side, doing twirls and just generally being as reckless as possible!

Photo 21-05-2015 10 21 05 am (1)

Photo 21-05-2015 10 34 11 am

Photo 21-05-2015 10 21 00 am

Photo 21-05-2015 10 34 12 am

Photo 21-05-2015 10 35 23 am

The American girl abseiling at the same time as me was pretty nervous though, and almost cried when the Abseil Africa staff joked about seeing things missing from her equipment (meant all in good fun) but she eventually started her descent. I was calling out words of encouragement the entire time and eventually she found her feet.

Photo 21-05-2015 10 34 10 am

Photo 21-05-2015 10 34 14 am

I was so disappointed when I had finished my descent! I wanted to go back up and do it all over again! It went so quickly and was so much fun. Given another crack at it I definitely would have tried to pull some stunts. When I return to Cape Town this will be the first thing I do again.

Photo 21-05-2015 10 34 16 am

2015-01-02 18.04.54

2015-01-02 18.05.27


Hostel: Green Elephant Backpackers
Camera: GoPro Hero
Budget: R150 ($15) per night for an eight bed dorm
Remember: Sunscreen, plenty of water and hiking shoes
Table Mountain Abseil: The standard abseil is R750 ($75) per descent with Abseil Africa
Get There: Catch the number 110 MyCiti Bus to the base of Table Mountain, then either hike up or take the Cableway R225 ($23) for a return trip

In other exciting news, this little blog of mine hit 3000 subscribers today! I am absolutely amazed that my hobby has grown and thrived so much. Thank you to each and every one of you, my wonderful readers, for joining me as I backpack around the world.Β  I cannot wait to share many more adventures with you!

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75 thoughts on “‘Dope on a Rope’ – Worlds Highest Abseil

  1. I think you should have more than 3,000. You entries are perfect! Lots of nice photos, few storytelling words, and a summary for all the info we may need. Congratulation for the 3000 subscribers! Continue your adventures and share them with us πŸ˜‰

    1. I said it would be the first thing I do when I’m back in Cape Town and Bloukrans isn’t in The Mother City. That would be a tough choice to make though!

  2. Well done you! You’re obviously cut out for such daring feats and made it all look so easy. From your awesome photos it’s evident you had a really brilliant day. πŸ™‚

    1. I haven’t done Asia yet! I’ll be central to Central and Western Asia next year though!

      But yes South Africa is incredible! Definitely worth a trip there at some point 😊

      1. Ooh where’s that then? India? How the hell am I meant to cope with Vietnam/Thailand’s heat coming from London oh dear oh dear!

      2. India is on the agenda but also Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Burma, Nepal etc 😊

        And you’ll be fine! I though the same thing in reverse, how will I cope with a cold Euro winter coming from stupidly hot Australia? But I was fine haha

      3. Wowza! That’s an interesting trip, a lot of countries there that are a bit ‘different’. Haha well I guess that’s true, packing will have to be perfect – I looked at your guide earlier but I’m still unsure if I could last on just 14 knickers!

      4. I’ve never had to do laundry on a trip before that will be weird! Plus I have to pack boxers as well as knickers for ‘manly’ days. (Boring)

      5. I’m afraid laundry is inevitable on long trips haha
        Unless you want to carry the worlds heaviest bag pack that is

      6. You’re right, you’re right. How ruthless of you, encouraging me to only take 14 pairs! Haha.

        PS. Congrats on 3,000 followers, that’s a serious amount!

  3. Oh dear Lord, why would one want to throw themselves off a mountain top?! It’s akin to jumping from a perfectly good airplane, leaning off the CN Tower, or high diving. Yes, high diving.

  4. i love travelling and solo. but not as adventurous as you. anyway. i still support anyone to travel solo at least once in a life. learn so much on the road than stay in the same environment for years.

  5. Well done! Of course when I started reading I was thinking reading ‘abseil’ but thinking ‘bungee’, and then my brain caught up with my eyes. Stunning view of CapeTown, looking forward to your next adventure ……

    1. Oh my goodness! A bungee off Table Mountain would be mighty scary – abseiling is definitely less terrifying haha
      Thankyou- I look forward to sharing more adventures with you 😊

  6. What an adventure – and wonderful words and photos to describe it! Thank you for taking the time to stop by OldPlaidCamper earlier, I appreciate it. Enjoy your weekend!

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