Sleeping Like A Modern Day Inuit

I have stayed in countless hostels, hotels, bed and breakfasts and with numerous couchsurfing hosts. I have stayed in hostels so cheap I ended up with bed bugs and hotels so fancy that I never wanted to get out of bed! However, whilst in Greenland, I was lucky enough to stay in what is hands down the most incredible accommodation of my life.

The Hotel Arctic is the most northerly 4 star hotel on the planet and is in a prime location overlooking the gorgeous Ilulissat Icefjord. The hotel has a range of rooms and suites like any other; but it’s the ‘rooms’ tucked away behind the hotel that are truly spectacular.

There are five incredible IGLOOS perched on the rocky terrain rising high above the icefjord! During the months of May – September these igloos are open and ready to give you one of the most unique sleeping experiences you will ever have. The igloos are just a short walk from the main foyer of the hotel, and have all the amenities you’d expect a four star hotel to have. There is a teeny bathroom with a small shower, tea and coffee making facilities, a television and room service is available. As an added bonus, the included buffet breakfast is amazing!

They also provide free transfers to the town centre, airport and World of Greenland office; which is handy as you could be waiting for a taxi at the tiny Ilulissat airport for ages. With Ilulissat only having around 5000 inhabitants there isn’t a great need for lots of taxis waiting outside the airport!

After I checked in with the lovely hotel staff, I set off to begin the short walk to my igloo. However, of course I had checked in at the windiest time of the day and found myself having to clutch the railing of the boardwalk to avoid toppling over. I was laughing hysterically the entire time and must have looked like an absolute idiot to anyone who saw me!

Once I finally arrived at the door of Igloo No. 3 I was quick to throw down my backpack and start taking some pictures!

The igloos themselves are lovely and heated, which is good, cause when I was in Ilulissat the daily temperature was sitting at about -1°C on a warm day down to -8°C with 97% humidity on the truly icy days!

Look at the size of those bergs!

As it was so windy, the igloo would often rumble and shake, which sounds like it may be unpleasant, but I found that it rocked and lulled me into the best sleep I had had in ages. Between bouts of this peaceful sleep, this is also an awesome spot to see the gorgeous northern lights. Due to the minimal light pollution in Greenland, from the deck outside or from within the warm confines of the igloo, it is possible to see the gorgeous Aurora Borealis dance above you.

However, my favourite part was waking up early and seeing the sun rise over the huge icebergs with nobody else around.

T H E   L O W D O W N
Getting to Ilulissat: Air Iceland has direct flights from Reykjavik to Ilulissat twice weekly in the summer months
Hotel Arctic: You can hang out in one of these amazing igloos for around $325 AUD per night between May and September, see the Hotel Arctic website for more details and to book
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M1 with 12-40mm lens and 52mm HOYA polarising filter
Thankyou: To the amazing Hotel Arctic for allowing me to stay in one of these igloos and the wonderful staff for making my stay seriously comfortable
Remember: To tie your hair back when walking to and from your igloo unless you want to look seriously windswept!

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70 thoughts on “Sleeping Like A Modern Day Inuit

      1. How cool is this? I love your posts you are my ‘UNBREAKABLE’ lol! You are so gutsy I shall continue to live vicariously through your adventures! Stunning pics & lots of great info as usual love J Xx

    1. Not huge but bigger than they look from the outside! Inside my igloo there was a double bed, small table, fridge, shower and toilet with a small amount of floor space. Perfectly cosy 😊

  1. That looks like a pretty epic place to stay, also loving the image quality of the EM1.. always nice when a blogger can take awesome photos to really showcase the adventure

  2. How neat is that!?! Wonder if you can stay in actual ice igloos somewhere too…? I got attacked by bed bugs once from a stay in a youth hostel in Quebec City…not a pleasant experience waking up with bites which follow your veins eh? Still, the hostel took it very seriously and dealt with the issue.

    1. I would think so! I’m pretty sure in some parts of northern Scandinavia and Finland it’s possible 😊
      I’ve had bed bugs a few times 😞 they are horrid creatures!

    1. I feel like a terrible person for saying this- but I seem to have a bit of a northern lights radar! They aren’t visible all the time but I seemed to get lucky and wake up at the right times to see them 😊

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  4. nice post!! at first glance, I thought your pack was a giant spider! Great experience…but $325 a night? Hey, are the igloos those tin huts, or are they made of ice?

    1. In Greenland that’s a pretty normal cost for a hotel room- it’s a very expensive country to visit! And I don’t think they are made of tin but definitely out of some sort of metal 😊

      1. that’s one thing I do want to see before I hang up my taveling shoes, but I don’t want to stay in an overpriced igloo!

      2. It may be expensive but not overpriced! It’s an amazing place and worth every penny 😊 if it’s too pricey though you can always find cheaper bed and breakfasts 😊

      3. My history has been a fairly low-budget kind of travel ($4 some times!). But next week I’ll be spending over $600 for a bungalow in the Maldives…just for the experience, and NOT because I want to, and I’ll never do it again. So I might pop for the igloo experience…once.

      4. Ooh you must tell me how it is!
        Sometimes you just gotta splurge for the experience! I am usually an el cheapo budget traveller too, but a splurge every once in a while doesn’t go astray

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