Coconuts and Cocktails on Lagen Island

Though I stayed on the beautiful island of Miniloc in El Nido – there are numerous different islands catering to a variety of guests. For me, Miniloc was a perfect fit – it is the island with best access to the famous lagoons of El Nido, there are activities galore and there is so much opportunity for exploring. It is the perfect place for the young – and the young at heart. However, this may not be such a perfect fit for other people – and this is where other islands come in.

Lagen Island is a 30 minute outrigger boat ride (or a 12 minute speedboat ride) away from Miniloc – and these two island resorts – though owned by the same company, couldn’t be more different.

Where Miniloc is rustic, Lagen is modern. Where Miniloc is bustling, Lagen is relaxed. Dubbed the ‘honeymooners island’ by staff, Lagen is the perfect place to take 5, chill out and perhaps spend a week enjoying post wedding bliss.

I am the farthest thing from a honeymooner, but I can appreciate a bit of quiet relaxation on the regular – so an afternoon relaxing on another beautiful El Nido island sounded pretty wonderful.

To begin though, I simply must share a few photos from another glorious Miniloc sunrise!



Amazing is a little bit of an understatement!

After a wonderful morning exploring the lagoons of El Nido (click the links for parts I & II) it was time to head to Lagen.

The 30 minute boat ride was lovely and relaxing, and as soon as I arrived I was already a pretty happy little chica!


I wasted no time in cooling off with a quick dip in the ocean before indulging in a refreshing coconut (or three).


The resort is definitely beautiful, and I was surprised at how much more quiet it was than Miniloc!



As the place appeared just about completely uninhabited – it was the optimal time to partake in a good old “self timer self portrait”.


After coconuts, the cocktails began flowing…


…and there was some slight over indulgence on my end, but hey, if you can’t down six cocktails before 1pm on an island holiday – what kind of getaway is it!?

I literally spent the day doing nothing but reading my book, taking pictures of the beautiful resort and getting a teeny tiny tan!





After sufficiently lazing the day away, it was with sadness that I left El Nido. It was such an amazing place – I did not want to leave! But more Filipino adventures were looming on the horizon, beckoning me and giving me the motivation to pack my bags.




After packing my bags in Miniloc, I took a boat back to mainland El Nido to begin the next part of the adventure. I had planned to take a bus down south to Puerto Princesa, but after catching a tricycle to the bus station, I was informed that catching a minibus – or ‘van’ as the locals called it – would cost only an extra 50 pesos and cut about 2 hours off the trip. To me, that was worth the extra $1.40 AUD!

These vans are all available at the bus station in El Nido City Proper and run every few hours. You do not need to book ahead. All vans cost 500 pesos ($14 AUD) for the trip to Puerto Princesa. As the vans are privately run, you can usually negotiate the driver to drop you at your accommodation, whereas the RoRo and Cherry buses will terminate at the main bus station which is a fair hike from the city proper.

The 5 hour drive itself was fairly pleasant, the van had aircon and wasn’t totally packed so I had room to stretch my legs. We only made a few stops along the way, but even when we were just stopping at a tiny little local store – Palawan still proved to be pretty damn special.


I arrived in Puerto Princesa quite late in the evening and immediately hit the hay – I needed rest so that I could explore the worlds largest underground river the following day!

T H E Β  L O W D O W N
Getting to El Nido: From Manila, book a direct flight with Air Swift
El Nido Resorts: I’d like to say an enormous thank you to the wonderful team at El Nido Resorts for not only making this stay possible, but also for making it so wonderful
Miniloc: This gorgeous resort is the best base to explore the lagoons of El Nido – find out more here
Lagen Island: Day trips from Miniloc are free for resort guests
Getting to Puerto Princesa: You can buy tickets for the Cherry Bus online but I would recommend winging it and buying tickets for a van on the day
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M1 with 12-40mm M.Zuiko Pro Lens
Remember: If the locals tell you something different is better, it usually is

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39 thoughts on “Coconuts and Cocktails on Lagen Island

  1. “…if you can’t down six cocktails before 1pm on an island holiday – what kind of getaway is it!?” Friend, you are my kind of traveler!

    Lagen also looks incredibly fun, but I have to admit I think I’m more of a Miniloc kind of guy (judging only by living vicariously through your posts).

  2. Hi! Great to know that you enjoyed one of my favorite provinces in our country! Palawan is really pretty! I haven’t been to El Nido but hopefully I’ll get to go there soon. The Underground River in Puerto Princesa is nice. But I hope you were able to try Ugong Rock Adventures too for some trekking, spelunking and ziplining. 😊

      1. That’s great to hear! In case you would come and visit Palawan again, go to Coron. You’ll love the snorkeling and diving sites!

  3. Your adventures on these islands seem wonderful, photos are spectacular. Boy another add to my bucket list. I don’t know if I have that much time to visit every location, but I’ll give it one good try.

  4. The white sand and still water is so inviting, such gorgeous pictures. I love these type of idyllic holidays and yes drinking cocktails before noon definitely means the holiday has truly begun!

    1. I am usually more of an adventure girl myself, but every once in a while, these trips are just what the doctor ordered πŸ™‚

    1. In majority of the Philippines – absolutely yes. There are islands further south which are potentially unsafe at the moment, but in majority of the islands you could not be any safer.

  5. You taking a relaxed day? Since when? Good for you!!! Looks like you enjoyed it (coconuts and cocktails and all) and you earned it! Can’t wait to see the next post!

  6. omg i’ve stayed in Lagen island for about a week and explored the nearby islands too, but that was 3 years ago :/ indeed nothing compares to the calm atmosphere that Lagen island has. you should have hiked that mountain in Lagen, cause at the end of your destination there’s an even more quiet beach side waiting for you! ☺️ missing ElNido, missing my home- philippines ❀️

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