Island Hopping in Honda Bay

After snorkelling with parrot fish and making friends with some starfish, it was off to explore more of the Honda Bay area. The next stop was Luli Island.


I must admit, after falling in love with Starfish Island, Luli Island was a bit of a let down! Sure, the beaches were beautiful and the water was the perfect temperature for swimming, but the place just felt a bit generic. It lacked the “special-ness” of Starfish Island. It seemed to be more popular with young families however, as there was a pontoon in the water with a diving board.

I spent my time there soaking in the water and applying sunscreen as often as possible. It was a lovely island, but after an hour I was ready to move on and explore somewhere new.

The lovely Lucy and Sile!


After not too long it was off to the third and final island of the day – Cowrie Island. This island got its name from the extremely high number of cowrie shells (puka shells) littering the shoreline. However, tourism has taken its toll and now the number of cowrie shells has plummeted to the point where these shells are far and few between! However, despite this, the island is beautiful, scenic, tropical and has coconuts galore – which for me is always a big draw card.



After chowing down on lunch surrounded by mostly Filipino people on vacation, I was off to get myself a refreshing coconut and soak up some more sunshine.


This is the lovely Lucy, one of two new friends I had made at the Sheebang Hostel. Her and Irish Sile (seen above) are nurses in the UK and were wonderful travel companions on this day!

Coconut induced bliss!

After lazing about and eating as much flesh from the coconut as I could scoop out with my bare hands without resembling a hyena over a fresh corpse, it was time to explore a little bit more of the beautiful Cowrie Island.






There are a couple of men on the island who for the price of a small donation, take some pretty awesome pictures that play with perceptions and angles – eg placing a beer bottle close to the camera and then directing the participants to move to a position that it appears that they are pushing up an enormous bottle!

Getting these pictures is a total laugh, and for a few pesos, worth the entertainment in itself!

Handy hint though, for this, a phone camera would be best. We took ours with my SLR and the depth perception of the camera meant that it wasn’t fooled, and the ideal effect wasn’t possible in majority of the pictures. However, I did get a couple of pretty good ones that I think look pretty cool!



After throwing in a small donation, it was amazing how quickly the rest of the day had passed! It was then time to head back to Puerto Princesa and hop in a tricycle in the search of some tucker.




T H E Β  L O W D O W N
Getting to Puerto Princesa: From Manila – book a direct flight with Cebu Pacific, from El Nido – catch a ‘van’ from the bus station
Honda Bay: Day trips around Honda Bay can be organised through Sheebang hostel and cost 1400 pesos ($39)
Sheebang Hostel: The most popular hostel in Puerto Princesa, this place could improve its cleanliness but is a great place to meet people
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M1 with 12-40mm M.Zuiko Pro Lens
Threads: I am wearing a bikini and pants by the lovely Tigerlily Swimwear
Remember: Sunscreen and a few extra pesos for fun souvenir snaps

Don’t forget add me on Snapchat – my username is wwellend – for more travel and everyday adventures!

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20-something year old Australian backpacker writing her way around the world.

41 thoughts on “Island Hopping in Honda Bay

  1. Wow, really love with the sand castle. I think it is a good idea, making sand castle at the beach. The tourist can take a selfie with the castle, and the “castle architect” can get the money from donation.

  2. I’m guessing there are many different types of coconuts, but you were able to scoop out the flesh with your hands with yours? The type we have on sale here in the UK are really difficult to get the flesh out. I know because I’ve made several sets of hobby horse coconut hooves, for three different children now, and to get the flesh bit out I really had to set about it with knives until I could lever it out.

    1. Yep! Required a little effort but mostly the flesh came away easily πŸ™‚
      Wow! That is very firm flesh! Maybe it is a different type of coconut?

      1. Must be. Yet they’re the type we consider over here as coconuts. Hairy on the outside. And they’re not that nice. You’re obviously in a better place.

    2. Yep! Required a little effort but mostly the flesh came away easily πŸ™‚
      Wow! That is very firm flesh! Maybe it is a different type of coconut?

  3. Some very cool photos here! And some fun ones.It’s always nice to meet up with strangers and feel like friends! Love when that happens. So…how many of those tigerlily swimsuits do you carry on a trip like this?

  4. Awesome..!!!! Welcome to the Philippines!! And I’m inviting you to visit my Hometown too Surigao del Sur, “Siargao” Philippines. You can check it on my blog you might be amazed of the Enchanted River and Surfing Spots that Surigao can offer to all tourist around the world. c”,)

  5. thank you for visiting our country, come visit us again! next time, come and discover the mountain province up north like Sagada, Banaue and the Batad rice terraces. Happy travels!

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