Hotel Review: Dusun Villas, Bali

Yep, you are reading it right. This chica went back to Bali for the third time this year!

After having a wonderful stay at the Kunja Villas in Seminyak I was pretty excited to get offered a stay at Kunja’s sister property – Dusun Villas – for a three night visit.

So how did the Dusun stack up against the Kunja?


Much like at the Kunja, the check in process was seamless. After quick photocopy of my passport and putting a few signatures on a few bits and bobs, we were off to go settle into our one bedroom villa.

Now you may be thinking, ‘why does it say we?’ Well, remember that fella who I told to meet me in Bali for our second date? Turns out that that whole situation is lasting a bit longer than just two dates. Said fella lives in Adelaide and I live in Darwin, and with domestic flights within Australia being stupidly expensive, it actually turns out cheaper for us to both fly to Bali and meet there. The wonderfulness (not a real word – I know) of Bali is just an added bonus!


Now, back to the Dusun!

Once we arrived at our stunning one bedroom villa with a private pool, first impressions were definitely positive. Cool ginger infused water was waiting for us, the bed was enormous and perfectly fluffy, the bathtub was big enough that I could have comfortably slept in it and the pool was absolutely beautiful.


The villa offers the usual amenities such as an in-room safe, television, robes, slippers, a fully stocked mini bar, free wi-fi and super powerful air conditioning. In addition to these ‘usual’ amenities, the Dusun offers a few other little bits that really make the place stand out.


The Dusun is one of the few (if not the only) set of villas in Seminyak that offer a complimentary driver service. If you want to go out to dinner in Seminyak or Kuta areas, all you need to do is call the front desk and let them know 30 minutes prior. They will then drive you to where you need to be! Saves money on taxis and the hassle of trying to flag one down.


Another amazing feature of the Dusun is how incredibly peaceful and quiet it is, despite being located smack bang in the middle of one of Bali’s busiest areas! When I say it is in a busy area, I mean it – the incredibly loud Motel Mexicola is located just 10 metres down the street, but we never heard anything but the rustle of the leaves and the lapping of the pool – utterly tranquil.


The bathrooms are luxurious, spacious and come equipped with some pretty flattering lighting. The many flowers around the place were another lovely touch.


Yep, pretty much sums it up


The outdoor dining area is absolutely wonderful, and the perfect place to watch the sun come up over breakfast. Breakfast is complimentary at the Dusun, and there are a wide range of options. Staff come to the villa at your requested time and prepare everything for you then and there!



If you plan to visit Indonesia or the Philippines, make sure you try the savoury rice pudding. Often served with chicken, these ‘puddings’ are like nothing I had ever had before and are so yummo! The Dusun do a good version. The fresh squeezed juices are also lovely, and the options for flavours change day to day.


By night, the villas light up and glow with a beautiful warmth. Could you really ask for a more beautiful place to stay?


T H E   L O W D O W N
Getting to Bali: Flights to Bali are frequent, check out to find the cheapest dates to fly
Getting to Dusun Villas: Transfers to and from the airport can be arranged with Dusun staff
Dusun Villas: Rates start at $430 USD per night in the low season – click here to book
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M1 with M.Zuiko 12-40mm f2.8 lens
What to Pack: Clothing that is light and breezy, mozzie repellent
Remember: With hotels and villas being similarly priced, why would you not opt for a villa?

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49 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Dusun Villas, Bali

  1. Wow, Bali must have some “pull” to draw you there or is it the fella? I would take the money, try to find the same cost and visit three different places. You make it sound like this is least expensive place to go, I will agree with your choice, if this is true!Smiles, Robin

    1. It is a little of Bali and a little of the fella! The flights for both of us to Bali are very very cheap, so it really is the most cost effective place for us to go.

  2. Thank you for sharing, the pictures are stunning and I’m drawn back to memories of all the beautiful resorts that I have visited! Glad to hear that you and your fella are still hanging out.

  3. While I’m still staring for my schedule and day dreaming about Bali, you’d been there again!! 😜 You surely did something right in your life, you go girl! 👊
    PS: best of luck with the said guy 😊

  4. I guess you’ve been bitten by the Bali bug 😉 I’ve heard of the Dusun, (a friend of mine lives around the corner) and you certainly seem to have made the very best of your stay there! Where did you stay in Ubud – or was it just a day trip?

  5. Loving this post!! I’m going to Bali in a couple of days, can’t wait!! Totally agree with you going the villa route as opposed to hotels!

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