Dining in the Tree Tops

I think I have already established that Soneva Kiri is pretty damn beautiful (click here and here and here) but it really is the sorta place that just keeps on giving.

There are some amazing restaurants in this resort, but the unique treepod dining has gotta be my personal favourite.

Now if you read that and found yourself wondering what on earth treepod dining is, well, it is exactly what it sounds like! Dining in a pod that is hoisted up into the trees!


To get to the treepods is surprisingly easy, I had expected them to be quite far away from the central areas of the resort. I drove my buggy a short five minutes to the main dining area and from there it was a pleasant five to ten minute walk to the platform to the pod. Once inside and adequately seatbelted (not a word, I know) in, the motor began buzzing, the cables began whirring and soon I was gently being elevated further and further away from the ground below.

Once at the top I was able to unbuckle myself and move around the pod, checking out all the beautiful views that it provided. I could hear the waves crashing and the trees rustling, I could taste the salt from the ocean below and I could sense that coffee was approaching – a skill possessed only by the most fiendish of coffee addicts.



Treepod dining comes equipped with a personal waiter who ziplines through the treetops to collect your food and drinks. He immediately presented me with coffee (good man) and this incredible basket of goodies!

I immediately wondered how they knew to put it together. There was not a single thing in there that I didn’t love!

Then it occurred to me.


I had filled out my ‘Soneva preferences’ online prior to my arrival at the resort – which included questions about my favourite foods and drinks. The attention to detail is second to none!


Look at him go! It was pretty amazing, as soon as the thought even occurred to me that I might want something else (more soy sauce, milk for my coffee, some hot eggs) my waiter just seemed to arrive and pull these things out of thin air.



There was more food and pastries in those baskets than one person should ever eat on their own, but y’know, why the heck not?!


The foliage and leaves that grow in the forests of Koh Kood are pretty darn beautiful! Such greenery reminded me of my home in Darwin – all that was missing was the millions of frangipanis that litter D-Town during the wet season.


It was so serene in the pod. I could not hear another soul, I could only hear nature move around me. I got to eat at my own pace (usually so slow that it annoys anyone eating with me) and really take the time to enjoy and savour the experience.



The man serving me seemed rather shocked at how much coffee I was consuming! Though I admit, it probably isn’t every day you see someone down 6 cups in one sitting. I will admit it right now – I have a problem.



After a wonderful breakfast it was time to return down to solid ground and head out on some more adventures on the amazing island of Koh Kood.



Getting to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi: The busiest airport in Bangkok, you can fly to Bangkok from any major airport hub
Getting to Soneva Kiri: Click here to learn more about Soneva Kiri’s Slow Life Flights
Soneva Kiri: One of Thailand’s best resorts, click here for more info
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M1 with M.Zuiko 12-40mm f2.8 lens
White Top: By Aussie label Tigerlily Swimwear
Remember: Don’t be afraid to gorge – calories don’t count on holiday!

Don’t forget to add me on Snapchat and Instagram – @wwellend – for more foolishness and travel adventures!

Disclosure: My stay at Soneva Kiri was provided FOC by the Soneva Resorts group, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are unbiased and in no way influenced by the Soneva Group.

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20-something year old Australian backpacker writing her way around the world.

49 thoughts on “Dining in the Tree Tops

  1. How amazing the moment was when you were relaxing yourself in the canopy, listening the birds’ chirping and embracing the tranquility of the wild nature. Beautiful photos and glad that you had a lovely day! 🌳

      1. I suggest Shanghai to get grounded, Beijing for its history, Yangshuo for its quirkiness and beauty. Bypass Guilin which is just before Yangshuo. I also think a week in each place is necessary and wish I had not bitten off so much this trip.

  2. How could this not be on anyone’s bucket list? It must have been a memorable experience, especially when you have everything that would please the heart and stomach.

  3. question: do you write to places like this and ask for FOC rooms? Or just show up and ask? I love that you do this! I feel awkward asking, but want to so badly! Do you have a journalist affiliation, or only the blog?

      1. I don’t mean to be rude, but it is rather sexist to assume that the only reason I am able to get these jobs is because I am a female who owns a lot of bikinis… My gender and love of swimwear has absolutely nothing to do with being offered these sort of jobs. There are just as many successful male travel bloggers as there are female ones.

      2. Oh, no!
        No, no, no. I’m sooo sorry, I did not mean that in a derogatory way. I was being facetious, humorous (because you mentioned your love of those particular bikinis). Some of the best bloggers I know are women who know how to handle themselves at business (unlike me…was what I was referring to). And I’ve read about some men who make $100,000 a year blogging. I’m sorry you took my words the wrong way, I did not mean in any way to offer offense or imply (oh wait…I actually DID “imply”…but it was supposed to be humorous. Readers comment on my posts all the time that I made them laugh. Obviously, this was not the case here. And I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding.

      3. That makes sense, thank you for clarifying. I am possibly just a little bit sensitive on that issue as I have had similar comments made to me before that were meant in a derogatory fashion 😦 I am sorry for misunderstanding you!

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