It’s that time again, time for another edition of Ellen Eats. This time, I was gutsing my way through a few resorts in Thailand. Such a hard life I lead!

The first resort I visited was the beautiful Soneva Kiri. You can read about the stunning resort itself here, here and here, but today we will be solely focused on the food. Soneva Kiri has an abundance of options when it comes to dining. For such a secluded resort, you could stay quite a surprisingly long while before dining at the same place twice!

Soneva Kiri: The View

The View is fine dining with – you guessed it – an incredible view. Situated on the side of a cliff, looking out onto the ocean, this is the perfect place to watch the sun set and indulge in some truly spectacular food.


The tasting menus are a brilliant way to try a whole heap of different flavours in one sitting. Though every dish on my tasting menu was amazing, what really stood out was the tuna sashimi with beetroot. Though that sounds like quite a strange combination, it worked on absolutely every level, and I eagerly devoured every morsel on the plate! I would go back to Soneva Kiri purely to eat this dish again.


Added bonus: Outdoor dining means you never know if an unexpected visitor may drop by to join you!

Gary the Gecko <3

Soneva Kiri: Benz’s

Benz’s is a truly phenomenal Thai restaurant founded by Chef Khun Benz. Using only the freshest of produce from Koh Kood and nearby Koh Chang, dining here is a true feast for the senses.


I will say this now. I got so drunk at Benz’s I am surprised I didn’t fall off the jetty and into the water.

It started with sunset drinks with the resorts wonderful Managing Director Andrew. I had a few wines, was feeling at a good level of inebriation, and then I arrived at Benz’s for dinner.


I was being served by the cheekiest and most hilarious Thai woman I had ever met. She spent the entire meal making me laugh, bringing me exquisite food and making enormous and incredibly alcoholic beverages magically appear in front of me.


Being the type of person who becomes hungry when drinking (nice way of saying that 3am burritos and I have a special bond) I was all too quick to inhale each and every magnificent course.

I was literally brought the tasting platter that they would serve for two people, and I am not at all ashamed to say that despite this, I polished off almost everything!

I mean, how could I not? Check out the next few pictures (which only show 3 of the 7 courses) and tell me you wouldn’t do the same!




Point Yamu By COMO: Room Service

As much as I adore street food and restaurant dining, something about ordering room service just feels so indulgent to me! However, at many hotels and resorts, room service can be of pretty disappointing quality, so whenever I pick up the phone to order it always feels like a bit of a gamble.

So, when I first arrived at Point Yamu, exhausted and starving, I ordered room service purely for the convenience and really didn’t have super high expectations.

I ordered a glass of wine, pad thai and mango sticky rice for dessert, and holy moly did Point Yamu deliver!


Look at that fricking gorgeous pad thai! A generous serving of peanuts, fresh bean shoots and tangy Thai lime really topped off what was already a beautiful dish.


So the next morning, feeling on a bit of a room service appreciation high and despite the fact that I still looked 4 months pregnant after the previous nights dinner, I decided to order more room service for my brekkie. When I called, I literally only asked for waffles and coffee, but whoever took my order must have thought that I was travelling with another person (I am guessing not too many solo travellers visit Point Yamu) and she insisted that it was not enough! At the time I just figured that the portions were small, so I went ahead and ordered a few more things.

What arrived was a veritable smorgasbord!



It took me over 90 minutes to devour all of this, but you better believe that I did! Like I was going to let any of this go to waste!


Safe to say that I left Thailand a little heavier than when I had arrived.


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      1. I found the best food I had was the cheapest. Food markets provide such as vast selection of local cuisine ate by locals. Beware, you will be the only white person there so get ready for the stares and photos πŸ™‚

  1. Really like the structure of this post – separating the meals you ate from the rest of your travels and almost giving little restaurant reviews! You also can’t beat mango sticky rice, so simple but so good!

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I must say, my Ellen Eats posts are fast becoming some of my favourites to write! I have a bloody good Japan edition in the works πŸ™‚

  2. this food looks truly delicious, i can’t say that for many resorts from that area of the world. glad you got a good buzz on! ❀️🌴🌞

  3. This is truly food pornography, which is a concept worthy of respect and admiration. You made me snacksturbate an entire bag of salt and vinegar potato chips, having nothing much else to eat at this hour.

    Please write more soon!!!

    1. That would definitely be a worthwhile trip! I am not usually one for tours, but I feel like taking a food tour in Thailand would be pretty amazing. Thanks for reading!

  4. Ohh my dear….you left me gazing at these pictures and my mouth started watering. Each and every picture is so yummy, virtually I had a feast!! Happy that you enjoy every bit. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I really can’t say I am foodie..but i like anything that is colorful and taste awesome…..and always like to try different things.

      1. Yes on my latest Alaska cruise I got up very early for the sunrise and had a pre-breakfast then finished later with the big regular breakfast. YUMMY

  5. Your photos are gorgeous (and delicious looking!). I especially like the shots with the rope, and the one of your meal beside a glass of wine. *sigh*

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