Flying to Kangaroo Island

By this point, I think we have established that I am one very lucky little traveller. 2016 has proved to be an amazing year for myself as a midwife and as a travel blogger. This year I have had some truly amazing experiences and visited some truly amazing places.

I mean, I took a man with me to Bali for a second date! If that isn’t the most extravagant second date you have ever heard of I will eat my hat.

Anyway, a few months on from the Bali second date and the aforementioned guy and I went on another little date. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so I decided to fly down to my home town of Adelaide for a weekend.

Things with said guy and I have been over for months now (for the best) but that doesn’t mean I can’t write about the places we visited.

Said guy works at a flight training company in Adelaide and one perk of such a job is that he is able to rent out the planes from work. So when he pitched the idea of taking one of the planes and flying us to nearby Kangaroo Island for the weekend, I jumped at the idea.


Kangaroo Island is located 112km south-west of the city of Adelaide. The island is famous for its vast array of native flora and fauna, and a huge chunk of the island is protected in nature reserves. In addition to the nature reserves on the island itself, there are also marine reserves designed to protect the large colony of Australian Sea Lions that live in the ocean surrounding KI.


There are three ways to access the island.

First option: You can casually date a pilot and have him fly you there for a mini-break. This may not be realistic for everyone, but holy moly it is a lovely way to travel!

Second option: You can get there via a commerical flight. There are 3 flights per day from Adelaide to Kingscote Airport with REX Airlines and a one way flight will set you back around $139 AUD. Click here to learn more about REX airlines and to book.

Third option: You can also access Kangaroo Island via the SeaLink ferry service. This involves first driving to Cape Jervis (107km south of Adelaide) which is where the ferry port is located. A one way ferry ride for one passenger in a standard sized vehicle costs around $141 AUD. Click here to learn more about SeaLink and to book.


Flying in a little private plane is a pretty cool experience! I passed the 40ish minute flight by getting incredibly snap happy with my little Olympus companion.

Look at those perfectly wispy clouds!


Also, while on the subject of clouds, how amazing do they look in this picture?


Unlike big commercial flights we weren’t cruising anywhere near 30,000ft. Instead we spent the flight hanging out at just 4000ft – not even one mile high! Despite being relatively close to the ground, we were still above an incredibly thick blanket of clouds who appeared to be disguising themselves as marshmallow fluff.


I learned a little bit about flying, but mostly I was preoccupied with taking pictures.


After what felt like about 10 minutes it was time to begin our descent into Kingscote airport – the main airport servicing Kangaroo Island.

As for that thick blanket of marshmallow fluff? It was unbelievable to go down through it. For maybe 10 seconds at the most, we were surrounded by pure white! No sunlight was coming through and the clouds just seemed to completely envelop us. It was amazing!


When that 10 seconds of pure white ended, I got my first glimpse of Kangaroo Island.


Even on a crazily cloudy day, it was already bloody gorgeous. Look at that coastline and at all the greenery just waiting to be explored – so lovely.




Once the plane was adequately secured, it was time to go pick up a rental car so that we could drive the 30 or so minutes to the small town of Penneshaw where we would be spending the next few nights.



I had only just arrived in KI but I could already tell that the island and I were going to get along just fine indeed.


T H E   L O W D O W N
Getting to Adelaide: International flights arrive into Adelaide from numerous major airport hubs including Doha and Dubai
Flying to Kangaroo Island: REX Airlines fly direct from Adelaide to Kingscote, click here to book
Ferry-ing to Kangaroo Island: SeaLink Ferries sail from Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island, click here to book
Car Rental: Budget car rentals have two locations on KI, click here to learn more
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M1 with M.Zuiko 12-40mm f2.8 lens

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18 thoughts on “Flying to Kangaroo Island

  1. I loved Kangaroo Island – did an exceedingly long and tiring 1 day tour from Adelaide which wasn’t long enough but a good overview of the place. Plenty of wildlife to see and stunning coastline.
    I’ve also been lucky enough to date someone who had their own little plane. I have so many memories of incredible flights around my home country of Scotland. Didn’t work out for us either but still grateful to have met him to get all those flights!

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