The 10 Types of People You Meet in Hostels

Anyone who has stayed in at least a handful of different hostels will surely have noticed that there are a few common archetypes that seem to pop up time and time again within such a setting.

From the token dude travelling with his acoustic guitar to the person whose main concern is smashing frosties during happy hour, here is a list of the 10 types of people that you meet in hostels.

1. The Guitarist

Seriously, why is there always some dude with his guitar?

You will usually find the guitarist in quieter hostels outside of the city centre. He is often a long-term lodger – the kinda guy who might even do a bit of work around the hostel to earn his keep. He hangs out on the balcony or porch and talks about love, peace and everything wrong with the social constructs of the western world.

Bonus points if he has dreadlocks and is surrounded by a seemingly permanent cloud of smoke that is most decidedly not tobacco!

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2. The “Solo Traveller” Who Hates Being Alone

Let me preface this by saying that it is totally okay to travel independently with the intention and hope of making lots of friends along the way!

However, I think most backpackers would have encountered the following person, at least once.

He or she bangs on about how much they love travelling alone but also seems really fearful at the prospect of actually going anywhere alone. He/she can be found hanging out in large dorms or common areas, striking up a conversation with anyone and everyone until they obtain an invite to hang out and go exploring.

This person may sound like a little bit of a nightmare, and if you want to be alone or have quiet time – can certainly be a bit annoying, but if you are in the mood to go out on a pub crawl or rent a car and get out of the city, you better believe that this is the person who can make it happen.

3. The Partier

Usually (but not always) a guy, the partier stays out until the sun comes up, sleeps all day and then repeats.

He seems to only be out at night but has a consistent stream of travel photos taken during daylight hours posted to his social media feeds. His diet consists of the free hostel breakfast and happy hour booze. He doesn’t care about politics or religion or culture, he just wants to travel and have fun. His seemingly neverending supply of energy will make for a lot of fun nights out, but be prepared – he can be hard to keep up with!


4. The Complainer

Possibly the most annoying person you’ll ever find in a hostel, the complainer is just never happy.

The wi-fi is too slow. The food is sub par. The mattresses are thin. The showers have low pressure. On and on and on it goes. The complainer will more than likely have valid complaints – but the sheer number of them is what makes them stand out. The complainer whinges so damn much that you’ll wonder if they even like travelling in the first place!

5. The One Who Just Left an Ashram In India

This person is all about searching for meaning in life and likes to do so through travel. They cannot stop raving about reaching enlightenment at that ashram a few months back, they probably wear loose and flowing clothing, are committed to a vegan lifestyle and have no problem with recreational drugs.

This person can actually be a lot more fun than one would initially think, but unless you have very similar life views, probably won’t be the best long term travel buddy.

6. The One Who Never Left

These days, I reckon the number of hostels with one of these token punters would by far outweigh the number that don’t!

Basically, this person set out backpacking and for whatever reason found themselves staying in one place a lot longer than they initially expected. Whether it be a budding relationship, lack of funds or just finding themselves in love with a new or city or town, this person will find a way to transition from a regular backpacker into a member of staff at their chosen hostel. Some for only a few months and some for as long as years.

7. The Australian

‘Nuff said.

No but seriously, Australians love to travel and as a result, you can find us pretty much anywhere in the world. The Aussie can be found drinking beer, calling people ‘mate’ and complaining about how he/she has run out of vegemite.


8. The One Without A Clue

The one without a clue is usually a total newbie to the world of travelling. They have read every article imaginable about what they need while travelling, will carry a backpack way bigger than they really need, are almost always seen clutching a Lonely Planet guidebook and have a 95% chance of owning a travel belt.

These travellers are blessed with more enthusiasm and energy than one could ever want, but are also cursed with the inexperience that every traveller has when first starting out.

9. The Mum

You know the mum. She’s not new to the rodeo, has done a lot of shit, seen a lot of shit and now not a lot phases her. She’ll happily dole out advice, listen to your problems and it isn’t unusual for her to perform minor first aid.

Don’t be fooled though, the mum might not be interested in partying every single night, but when she does go – she goes hard. Luckily, she always possesses the amazing skill of being able to get herself and all her friends home safely after a night out, even when she’s 11/10 drunk.

10. The Gold Ol’ Regular Backpacker

The most commonly found person in hostels, the gold ol’ regular backpacker is the standard – and for good reason. They love a good party – but not every night. They are experienced travellers and probably speak a little bit of a lot of languages. They are always up for adventure, but have learned how to keep themselves from overdoing it and burning out. They are good at managing when the shit hits the fan and always on hand if a fellow traveller is in the midst of a crisis. They enjoy flying solo and also travelling in groups.

The good ol’ regular backpacker is the standard for a good reason – they are what makes backpacking so much fun!

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