I’m South America and Antarctica Bound!

At the beginning of this year, I decided to put myself to the test and attempt to visit all seven continents in just the one year.

At the time of publishing this post, I have successfully visited five out of seven continents. My little feet have touched down on North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania already, leaving just South America and Antarctica untouched… but not for long!

In just a few days I will fly from my home base in Darwin to Santiago to kick off some (hopefully) incredible adventures in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Antarctica.

I will be abroad for almost two months, and in that time, I will not be carrying a computer and as such, no blog posts about South America and Antarctica will be going live.

But fear not! I have written up a storm and have enough posts scheduled to keep you busy over this period, but for anyone who is interested in seeing my adventures as they happen, you’ll need to come and hang out with me on a different platform.

The absolute best place for you to keep track of me and my travels will be on the insta. I will be posting lots of pictures and videos on my Instagram account – especially on my Instagram ‘story’ – so if you want to see everything from the bustle of Buenos Aires, right through to the (sure to be) hilarity of me attempting to get a penguin selfie on the Antarctic Peninsula, this will be the best place to do so.

My account handle is @wwellend and you can go straight there by clicking on the photo below!

To anyone who doesn’t use the IG, I will definitely be posting about my adventures, but expect some delays in posting.

I cannot wait to go on this adventure, and I cannot wait to bring you all along with me.

South America and Antarctica – I am coming for you!


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30-something year old Australian backpacker writing her way around the world.

44 thoughts on “I’m South America and Antarctica Bound!

      1. Ah, I see Ellen’s being creative with her geography for her seven continent challenge. I never would have guessed that. Cheers Daddy-O.

      2. Here in Australia, we count visiting Tasmania, or Norfolk Island, as visiting Australia, even though neither is on the continent proper, but they are most certainly part of the larger concept of ‘Australia’.

        These concepts of what ‘counts’ are quite interesting. For example, so many people consider visiting Sydney as having visited Australia, when it is about as unrepresentative of the whole continent as you can get! 🙁
        Most of Australia is red dirt and sparse, wide open spaces, not megalopolises………
        Above the Tropic of Capricorn is wetter and greener, but a lot of the country is inhospitable in one way or another, hence our incredibly concentrated population densities based generally near the ocean and fresh water.

        Some of the stamps in Ellen’s passport most probably mean she wouldn’t get granted a visa into the USA any time soon, or even transit through it…………..Iran as the most recent example.

        Interestingly, when I learned Geography – back just after the Pleistocene era, 🙂 – discussing the American continents always included Greenland.

        If you are ever in Adelaide, hit me up, can probably find a bed, a beer and a feed, for a weary traveller.

  1. Hey I’m currently in Chile now and plan to travel all the way to patagonia . I know we don’t usually interacting with each other but keep us updated and lets see if we can meet. Always nice to meet fellow bloggers. Have a great trip.

  2. How fabulously exciting! Antarctica is one place I truly hope I can figure out how to visit.

    Well, there and finally touching the Arctic Ocean – or fairly close to – once the railway is open to the land of the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba Canada where I lived as a very young child.

      1. There has been a railway for decades from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Churchill. However, although there is VIA Rail to get there the line was flooded in June this year – the town lost s lot of business as the train and very expensive flights are the only way to get into Churchill. The port was recently shut down.

        However, for an exciting time, I heard the ice road that goes even further north will become accessible year round. One would need to be very well prepared for anything!

  3. Wonderful. It took Alie decades to hit all 7 and I have yet to visit Africa. We had wonderful times in Chile, Argentina and the Antarctic and wish you the best weather possible, especially for the latter.

  4. Have a fabulous time. Buenos Aires is a great city and Patagonia is a stunning part of the world. I am immensely jealous of the Antarctica part. It is the only continent I haven’t touched and I long to get there so badly but it is so expensive. I’ll just have to read about it when you get back. What a year you have had!

  5. Man you have traveled this year. Have you even been back home at all? Will be watching on Instagram and awaiting your full post when you return and rest up from all your adventures this year. Have a magnificent time.

  6. Yes, most Greenlanders, and most Americans, regard Kalaalit Nuunat as part of our continent. You have chosen three phenomenal countries for your South American experience. I also look forward to your Antarctic adventure. I have an IG account, though I have not done anything with it. Will try to check out your posts there.

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