What an absolutely ridonkulous year of travel I have had!

Over the past twelve months I have travelled to 7 continents across 24 countries – all the while maintaining a full time job as a Darwin baby catcher!

It has been busy, at times stressful, eventful, bank account emptying and truly amazing in so many ways.

It will be a tough year to beat, but you better believe that that won’t stop me from trying!

 I have almost five months of consecutive leave booked for the latter part of 2018, and I have finally decided where I want to visit during this time.

Greenland is calling out to me yet again, so I plan to visit this icy wilderness for the third time! The difference will be that this time I plan to visit during summer, so will be able to explore a whole bunch of different regions and settlements.

I then plan to spend a big chunk of time exploring some African gems.

Starting in Cape Verde, I will then proceed from West Africa (Sierra Leone and Togo) south towards Cape Town (via DR Congo and Namibia) before heading north towards Ethiopia, making stops in Zambia and Kenya along the way.

Finally, as I start to head back home towards Australia, I will make stops in the UAE, Oman and the island of Socotra in Yemen!

It is certainly an ambitious plan, and hopefully it all comes to fruition in the upcoming year.

So, to all my truly wonderful and supportive readers, thank you for following me through an enormous 2017. I hope you have enjoyed travelling with me this year, and I really hope you will continue to do so in the upcoming months. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate your readership, your comments and your support, so once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I love you guys.

Now bring on 2018!


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30-something year old Australian backpacker writing her way around the world.

48 thoughts on “TRAVELLING THE WORLD SOLO: What’s In Store For 2018

  1. We shall all wait so see what wonders you anticipate in your 2018 itinerary. Keep those photos and experiences coming. How anyone has the opportunity to ever give birth in Darwin I do not know.

    1. Greenland was my north american stop and I visited Chile, Peru and Argentina for my south america stops. Posts are definitely en route!

  2. Happy planning! I love making plans forvtrwvelling – then throwing the pages (yes, real paper) into recycling as I go. Sometimes in a fit of frustration, others because I have been there done that, and these days when an unexpected adventure comes up. I look forward to catching up on your next trips while I am, fingers crossed, on a Trans-Siberian Railway Tour that I hope to began in Beijing.

  3. You know I am on tenterhooks in anticipation of your Antarctica posts, I’m so jealous. Have a fabulous festive period wherever you are in the world and best wishes for a travel-tastic 2018.

  4. My world has become too busy lately to wander the world with you through your posts…I hope to spend more time catching up in 2018 & look forward to reading about your new adventures!

      1. What a lovely surprise to read your note…there is a small road trip planned for up country to hang out in the Okanagan for a few days next month…I’m still posting despite my busy days and will definitely post about our stay in sunny Kelowna! And I plan to visit your site soon…

  5. Holy cow you are on the road more than at home. I think you’ve put more travel miles under your belt in your short lifetime than I have in my many, many years. ENJOY THE ADVENTURE.

      1. I need to get caught up on your Antarctica adventures. Work has been killing me for the last month. But I am past the nasty times. Looking forward to seeing your stories. 👍

  6. Sounds amazing! I’d be really interested to know how you get to Socotra as all travel is banned in and out of Yemen. Socotra’s my no.1 travel destination in the world but sadly everytime I’ve looked into it it’s been impossible. Boats are out of the question (pirates from Somalia) and flights from Oman don’t seem to run anymore despite some airlines still selling them and civil war in Yemen means no land crossings
    Have you found an alternative? I’d be really interested to know…

  7. really challenging especially when you said you are on a “full time job”.. intriguing to say the truth but at the same enthralling, would love to see how the year 2018 will unfold for you 🙂

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    A simple question, what is the wordpress theme and plan you are using, i really like it.

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