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My name is Elle and I am a 30-something Australian born registered midwife in the midst of a never-ending love affair with solo world travel. With a passion for exploring the planet and bringing new lives into the world, I spend half my life catching babies and the other half globe trotting.

I was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia but currently call the crocodile infested, mango abundant and deliriously tropical city of Darwin in the Northern Territory my home.

I started travelling independently at the age of 19 and in just 6 short years I have travelled across over 60 countries and all seven continents, but the more I see, the more I crave!

The things in the world that I love most include whales, safaris, the Arctic, snow, scuba diving, bungee jumping, street food, guacamole, when my backpack comes out first on the baggage carousel, not getting sunburnt and travelling independently.

Want to know where I am currently exploring and where I am headed next? Click this link for details.

Want to send me on a trip? Contact me via email at ellen.burne@yahoo.com to pitch an idea.


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  1. You’re very very lovely πŸ™‚ I’d love to travel the world solo too, maybe when I’m a little older. Hope I’d get the chance to meet you and it would be wonderful to chat with you. I followed you on instagram – @voldemost


      1. Nice! I’m in Philadelphia. I’ll keep updated on your blog and look out for when you mention visiting here! I’ve never traveled solo before but I’m thinking about it if I get the guts.

      2. You probably need to start in New York. Los Angeles would be a good place to see another slice of American life. And if you made it to Houston, I could show you the many things this city and surrounding area has to offer.
        But definitely consider seeing New York.

  2. Great blog! I’m a South Aussie travel nerd too, I’ve been to a few places you’ve written about but never on my own-planning to do some solo travel soon! I’d love to know how you pick decent accomodation while you’re travelling? Being female and safe solo overseas probably has a lot to do with common sense but you seem to have it down pat! πŸ™‚

    1. Yay! Solo travel is the best! As for how I choose accommodation- it depends on the type!
      If couch surfing- I go by who has lots of positive reviews
      If hostels- I go by recommendations of other travellers I meet or by HostelBookers.com
      I hope this helps!

  3. Your website is amazing I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts πŸ™‚ I was wondering, you said that you are jetting off again in a few months – how do you fund your travels? How do you get the time off of work to keep going away? I really want to make travelling work, but I feel like I have to keep quitting my job and find a new one every time I do so. Thanks, Gemma

    1. I am currently working full time as a midwife which allows me 6 weeks of annual leave off each year. I also have the option of taking unpaid leave. Also- because I’m a shift worker, I can request to do lots of shifts in a row at the beginning and end of a month long roster so that I get 7-10 days off in the middle.
      I’m also very fortunate that in a few weeks I’ll be moving my home base from south Australia to Darwin in the Northern Territory which is very close to many Asian countries- so I’ll be able to do even more travelling on my days off work than I was before. I’m incredibly fortunate in this respect! What field do you work in? Is it anything that you would be able to do electronically whilst travelling?
      As for funding my travels- with the exception of my trip to Greenland and Iceland, most places I go I can visit very affordably. If you couchsurf, stay in hostels, self cook and use public transport over taxis, you can save yourself a lot of money.
      I hope this helps a little bit!

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Great posts, btw. When are you moving to the North Territory? Hopefully, you could take a tour of the Philippines in the future. πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you 😊 I move there next week actually! And the Phillipines is one of the next countries on my list actually! Feel free to give me recommendations 😊

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ellen. Your’s is amazing, as you are yourself, being such an experienced traveler at 22. By the time you reach my age no doubt you will have been to the Moon and Mars. It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you. πŸ™‚

  6. wow! you are awesome! my dream is to travel the world too..i want to explore the beauty of this world like you do…maybe one day if i get a chance to travel, hope i will meet you..

  7. More power to you, Ellen and Merry Christmas & God bless wherever in the world you may be currently! I’ll come by again to visit places I haven’t been to! πŸ‘

  8. Hi! Your blog is awesome, love it! I find the photographs to your pieces visually stunning and your words compelling. Great pieces. I adore travelling too. Just so many great places but too little time. Enjoy the next trip and I look forward to the next update. Best wishes and a Jappy New Year from a cold London!

  9. What an inspiration you are for women. I’m in the senior generation, but have often wondered, if I were alone would I still travel alone. After reading this… I think so! Thank you for visiting and liking my blog. πŸ™‚

  10. I left Australia in 1985 to backpack solo around the world for 12 months. What an amazing adventure back then but much harder than travelling these days. Imagine travelling without the internet, barely any maps, the occasionally Lonely Planet (but too heavy), worse transport than these days in many countries, and just your nose to take you to your next destination…

    I haven’t stopped travelling since then either, whether backpacking, sailing on a boat, driving in a motorhome, or otherwise, it’s amazing! Yesterday, celebrated the 2-year travel anniversary since leaving Australia again…

  11. Hi Ellen. My name is Eva and I am from Denmark. I might have commented on one of your posts before, but I dont remember if we talked. Also im not that great at finding my way around wordpress.
    Anyway! I’m 22 too, and I am going to Cambodia for the second time in June. This time I dont have plans to meet up with anyone. So completely solo.
    I was wondering if there are any specific warnings you would like to give out to girls traveling to Southeast Asia. I think I saw that you had not been to Cambodia yet, but maybe you have some advice from your other travels in southeast Asia. Also, any tips on bug bites, feel welcome to share those. Haha.
    AND if you want to go to Cambodia, I would be thrilled to meet you! Im there from the 21st of june to the 18th of july. So about a month. (:
    Love your blog!

    1. Hi Eva! I had no plans at this stage to visit Cambodia in 2017 – but I will see if I could swing a quick week long trip some time in july – I will let you know if I can manage it!

      1. Perfect! Im sure you would like Cambodia. For me, i feel very relaxed, spiritual and physically better because of the heat and pressure of the climate. And people there are incrediable. Hope you do have time to come, and yes please let me know! (:

    1. Definitely on my list! Unfortunately I will have an Iranian stamp in my passport soon so most likely won’t be able to visit the States for quite a while πŸ™

  12. You are very lovely and it is so inspiring that at such young age, you have already crossed 5 continents. WOW ! One good thing I also realized is that I am attempting to get a PR Visa for Northern Territory and should land up in Darwin, if everything goes well of course, and then I stand a chance to meet & chat with you πŸ™‚ Hope you won’t reject me πŸ˜‰

  13. Thanks for the follow! It is so nice to meet another traveler like yourself. I am impressed by all your solo travels. And I am curious about your background as a midwife. Have you noticed any interesting differences in pregnancy practices in the places you have traveled? Jessy

  14. Whaw! You are amazing! Respect for someone traveling alone! I will definitively follow your post, it is exciting to read it. What about Switzerland? Why you never been here? It is definitively worth to see, let me know if you would consider in next years to visit it ( I checked your agenda, it is pretty busy till 2018 πŸ˜‰ ). You welcome, I will show you around.

  15. I’m super jelly of your travel plans. How do you do it?! If you’re ever in Germany I recommend a stopover in Dresden. Dresden is an amazing city with tons of history and beauty. Rock on girl!

    1. Sometimes I ask myself the same question! Every dollar I earn goes towards travel – it’s amazing how much you can save when you cut out everything that isn’t a necessity!

  16. Hey please Email me! Travel is my life passion but I am being called to be a midwife but i’m worried about how im going to make it work and love getting tips and stories from others doing just that! Kemilyhall@gmail.com

    1. Hi Katie – where are you planning to study and work? I can really only speak to my experiences as a midwife in Australia πŸ™‚

  17. Hi! Fellow Aussie here, now living in Taipei. Absolutely love your stories and enthusiasm for travel. I recently went to Cambodia alone and despite everyone warning me against it, I had the time of my life. Keep up the good work!

      1. You’re very welcome:) I was in Cambodia for 6 days! What a wonderful 6 days they were, I travelled as much as I could around the country!

        Taipei is an incredible and underrated city. Full of wonderful people, culture and of course, food! Drop me a line if you’re ever planning a visit:)

  18. How bold you are to go off on your own without the need of a companion or sidekick. I encourage solo travel… and solo everything basically… as an exercise for those suffering from insecurities. Being with only one’s self is not often lonely, although many fear and perceive it as so. Instead, it is the quickest root to discovering who you really are. Check out my blog and keep inspiring! http://www.TheFrozenOrangeSociety.com – dedicated to the fight against eating disorders.

  19. You are literally living out my dreams! I aspire to be a traveling writer which is why I created a blog yesterday lol. I love your blog and you inspire me to do exactly what you’re doing. But, because I’m a poor college student, I can only afford to take my travels on a local level of the Bay Area in California but I’ll get to your international level someday (I hope<3).

    1. I have been where you are! When I was a broke uni student I still managed to travel – just gotta find dirt cheap flights to budget destinations – my favourite budget destination is South Africa!

  20. Hey Ellen, I just read that you’re a midwife in addition to being a traveler.. so I wonder if you had a chance to drop into Bumi Sehat while you were in Ubud? I really hope so, it’s such an amazing clinic and project, providing free pre-natal and birthing care for Balinese women.

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