A boozy week in tropical North Queensland


In October 2020 Covid restrictions were starting to ease in more states around Australia. My home state of the NT had only had 30 or so cases up until this point and due to this success, we started opening up to other states with similarly low (non-existent) Covid numbers. So, when one of my besties […]

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Helicopter Pub Crawling in Glorious Darwin!


Living in Darwin had many advantages. Abundant mangoes, incredible storms, a newspaper which only seems to put out croc-related headlines and a generally relaxed vibe. One other such advantage is that it is one of the only places in the world where you can go on a pub crawl… in a chopper! When one of […]

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What it’s Really Like to Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga


When people ask me what my favourite travel experiences have been, swimming with humpback whales in Tonga is always one of the first things that springs to mind. I first swam with the humpies back in 2017, and as soon as I slipped into the water and saw a whale for the first time, I […]

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A Top End Staycation at Hideaway Litchfield


Living in Darwin has many perks. We get cheap and abundant mangoes, hilarious headlines courtesy of the NT news and the most amazing monsoons. We also enjoy being just a short drive from Litchfield – an epic national park which I have visited many times before. Litchfield (or Litchy as it is affectionately dubbed by […]

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I Love Darwin: An Ode To My Home In The Tropics


Darwin. When I moved to you I thought that I would need to endure you. I thought that I’d be lucky to last 6 months in such a new and different environment. I thought that my work would be harder. I thought that the humidity would nearly kill me. I was sure that the six […]

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How To Spend One Day in Tongatapu


Thanks to a stuff up courtesy of the super flaky Tongan airline Real Tonga, I found myself needing to leave Ha’apai and get back to the main island of Tongatapu a day earlier than I had anticipated. Initially I was kinda bummed out by this (I didn’t want to leave my island early!) but it did […]

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Having a Whale of a Time: Swimming With The Whales of Ha’apai


When I look back on my time in Tonga, the words ‘awe-inspiring’, ‘magnificent’ and ‘unbelievable’ spring to my mind, but even these words seem to fall short. I have been sitting in this chair for 30 minutes trying to think of better words, but I just realised that there aren’t any. There are truly no […]

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Eco Friendly Paradise in Tremendous Tonga


After an amazing first day spent in the water with some incredible humpback whales, it was time to head back to land and check out my eco-friendly home for the next few nights. Located on the small island of Uoleva which is part of a larger chain of islands known as Ha’apai, Sea Change lives […]

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