Cape Town: The Ultimate City Guide


Cape Town is hands down one of my favourite places on Earth. I dream of one day buying a little apartment in Camps Bay and moving to the Mother City! As far as cities go, Cape Town is hands down one of the most beautiful ones on Earth. It has everything a person could ever […]

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Backpacking on a Budget in South Africa

My goodness it has been far too long since I last posted! Work has been absolutely insanely busy and I have been busy making plans for some future travels! This will be my last post about my time in South Africa (until the next visit) and in a few short weeks I will be en […]

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Is South Africa safe for solo travel?

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When I made the decision to backpack solo through South Africa, my safety seemed to be the topic on everybody’s lips. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that I have friends, family members and old acquaintances concerned for my well-being, but what I didn’t find nice, was the fact that many of these concerns and […]

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Cage Diving with Great White Sharks

What adventure is no South African adventure complete without? Shark cage diving of course! When I was about 9 years old, my dream was to one day become a marine biologist, working in South African waters and studying the magnificence that is Great White Sharks. That dream stayed with me well up until the last […]

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Exploring Table Mountain

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Table Mountain. A landmark that embodies everything about Cape Town. In last weeks post I spent my time hanging off the side of the mountain, but my abseiling adventures represented only a small fraction of the time I spent in Table Mountain National Park. In reality, there were numerous hikes and one lucky cloudless day […]

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‘Dope on a Rope’ – Worlds Highest Abseil


If you have been following my travels for a while now, you’d not be at all surprised that when I found out that the World’s Highest Abseil just happened to be in Cape Town, I was already halfway through signing up. Table Mountain is the most iconic feature of gorgeous Cape Town, perhaps even all […]

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Monkeying Around in The Crags

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I freaking love monkeys. So when I was presented with a free day in The Crags, with no plans and weather that was too crappy to go to the beach, a trip to the nearby Monkeyland seemed like a pretty good option. I had been staying nearby at an awesome hostel called Rocky Road Backpackers. […]

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Bo Kaap, The Cape Malay Quarter


Cape Town is easily one of the most colourful cities I have ever visited, but certain areas stand out more than others. The Cape Malay Quarter – also known as Bo Kaap, is one such standout. This area is famous for its colourful houses, cobbled streets and distinctly Dutch vibe. Once full of Cape Malay […]

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Neighbourgoods and Hout Bay Markets


Cape Town is arguably one of the greatest cities on Earth. The city is fresh, vibrant, colourful and ever-changing. I genuinely do not know how anyone could bore of the Mother City. I arrived back from Port Elizabeth late on a friday evening, so by the time saturday morning rolled around, I was unspeakably eager […]

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Delivering a baby on the side of the road in Port Elizabeth

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I’ll be totally blunt. Port Elizabeth is not the most thrilling city in the world. This was my last stop before heading back to Cape Town, and due to bus timetables over Christmas, I ended up stuck there a little longer than I wanted to be. The town seems very industrial, made for work rather […]

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