Yazd: An Incredible City in The Desert


After spending four incredible days exploring Shiraz, I became a little bit worried that my Iranian adventure had started off too wonderful, and that everything following Shiraz would be a letdown. Luckily, my next stop was Yazd, and it would turn out to be one of my favourite places in Iran. Yazd city is the […]

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Travelling With Respect: What NOT To Do In An Iranian Mosque


When travelling, we are exposed to a wide variety of new experiences, as well as new cultures. Though these cultures and subsequent cultural practices may be vastly different from our own, it is our responsibility – and our duty – as travellers, to accept and respect these practices as best as we can. I wrote […]

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Add This To Your Bucket List | The Pink Mosque


There was a huge bunch of stuff that attracted me to Iran. I was interested in exploring the architecture, relaxing in the city gardens and being exposed to the wonderful Persian hospitality that I had heard so much about. But if I am being honest, I must admit that my main motivation for travelling to […]

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A Day Exploring Persepolis and Necropolis


By this point, I think I have pretty well established that Shiraz is an undeniably beautiful city. However, two of the cities biggest attractions actually lie quite a few kilometres outside the city limits. Naqsh-e Rustam (more commonly referred to as simply ‘Necropolis’) is an ancient necropolis located approximately 55km north-east of Shiraz. At this […]

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Iranian Visa On Arrival: Easier Than You Think

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Iran and had questions about the process of obtaining a Visa on Arrival (VOA) then look no further! Here is everything you need to know about the Iranian VOA. Are You Eligible? Visa policies in Iran do differ greatly depending on your nationality. Some nationalities are eligible for visa-free […]

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Shiraz | The Iranian City You Won’t Want To Leave

After a wonderful few first days in Shiraz, it is fairly safe to say that I had fallen pretty in love with the city. The crazy traffic, the stunning architecture and the welcoming locals all blended together to create a place that was undeniably enchanting, and I was completely under its spell. I had made a […]

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Shiraz | The Perfect Introduction To Iran

Shiraz. When I think about this stunning city, it is honestly a miracle that my face doesn’t break from smiling so hard. Shiraz was the first city I visited in Iran, and jeez, what a way to start! Shiraz is the 6th most populated city in Iran and the capital of the province of Fars. […]

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OMG I’m In Iran!

When I decided to backpack through Iran, people were vehemently against it. I had not received such backlash about a trip since I travelled through South Africa solo! I had family, friends, colleagues and even readers express their concerns. These concerns ranged from the legitimate (“won’t you have to wear a headscarf?”) to the downright ridiculous (“I saw […]

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