A Little More Darwin


I know it must seem like an endless parade of posts about friends coming to visit me in the Top End,Β so despite me having enough material from another such visit over my birthday to span 3 or 4 entire posts, I have decided to condense it all into one big post – the last one […]

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Becoming Croc Bait at Bitter Springs


After spending the night in Katherine and having a seriously good sleep in, we set off to visit nearby Elsey National Park and go for a little swim in the beautiful Bitter Springs. When I say that Bitter Springs is ‘nearby’ Katherine – be warned that this is an Aussie’s version of ‘nearby’ and in […]

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Waterfall Swims at Edith and Florence


One of the perks about moving to a part of the country that many of your friends had never visited is that quite a few of my most favourite friends from Adelaide were all too keen to come up and visit me in the Top End – which just helped to give me even more […]

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Splashing Around in the Buley Rockhole


After spending a few hours floating around at Robin Falls, it was time for us to do a little more exploring and time to find another place where we could cool off. Enter Litchfield National Park. After backtracking 25km or so along Stuart Highway, we took the Batchelor turnoff and continued on until we entered […]

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Croc Free Waterfall Swims in the NT


The Top EndΒ is a truly beautiful part of Australia. Lush wet season forests, stunning waterfalls and incredible national parks all combine to make a part of Australia that is like no other.Β However, living in the tropics can have downsides. During the wet season, high heat and extreme humidity combine to make the Top End an […]

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Exploring Litchfield National Park


After cruising along the beautiful Adelaide River in search of some big crocodilians it was off to Litchfield National Park for some more exploring. First things first though, we had to fill our bellies. On the way to Litchfield there is a small bar/shop at the Banyan Tree Caravan Park. There isn’t anything truly exciting […]

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Jumping Crocodiles in Darwin


I made the move to Darwin late November 2015 and was pretty damn excited to explore more of my home country. The Top End of Australia has the lowest population density in the country, and is home to a vast array of stunning landscapes and scenery. From out of this world Uluru and the red […]

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