London Part Two: The things that didn’t float my boat

Photo 31-01-2013 10 18 56 am

So before I kick this post off with a discussion about the things that have made me feel about London the way I feel about some of my ex-boyfriends, I have an announcement! After my post last week I was feeling very uncertain about the future – and not in a fun “which country next?” […]

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London Part One: The Things I Liked


A few blog posts ago I expressed myΒ subtle disdain for the city of London. The response from you, my lovely readers, seemed to be that a majority of you loved London and couldn’t understand why it just wasn’t my cup of earl grey. So I am going to try and be as impartial as possible […]

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My inner child rejoices in London

Photo 1-02-2013 4 18 00 pm

Location: London, England Hostel: Phoenix Hostel If you have been following this blog or if you had a look at one of my posts about Edinburgh, you might already know that I am somewhat of a big Harry Potter fan. I have been reading the books since I was only 6 years old, and they […]

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