Walking with Giants

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One of the best things about travelling to Belfast in Ireland, is the consequent close proximity to one of the most incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites, The Giant’s Causeway. Apparently there is a perfectly rational explanation for why the basalt rocks formed in hexagonal columns (volcanic activity anyone?), but the Irish myths and legends are […]

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Packing List: European Winter

Photo 25-12-2013 2 26 09 pm

This week I was asked by one of my lovely readers if I was able to write a post about what I packed for months of backpacking through Europe in the winter months. So here goes! I wanted to pack enough clothes that I wouldn’t have to do laundry every week, but I had also […]

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Down with the flu, but still in love with Edinburgh


So after my fun at The Loony Dook, it soon became pretty apparent that what I thought was just a moderately severe hangover turned out to be me coming down with a case of the flu. I had completely lost my voice and my throat felt like razor blades had been shoved down it. Fun. […]

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Hammered on Hogmanay


Celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh has been a goal of mine for a long time. Like most of the Christmas celebrations I have endured, New Years Eve has always managed to be a total let down. Such a big fuss made for a night that is usually pretty sub par. Hogmanay in Edinburgh is the exception! […]

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Rainy Days on Skye

I had been warned against going to Skye in the winter. I had numerous people tell me not to bother because the weather would be awful, I wouldn’t see much of anything, it would be cold, it would be raining, it would be miserable and so forth and so forth. But I have wanted to […]

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Road to Skye

Captured by Ellen Burne on an iPhone 5 at Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Getting from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye is a fair bit of a drive. One could do it quickly and make one or two stops along the way; or alternatively, one could take the scenic route. Anybody who has ever explored Scotland will tell you that the latter option will always be the better […]

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A Parisian Christmas

Every year since I can remember, the yearly celebration we call Christmas has been pretty much the same. I would wake up and partake in the obligatory social custom in which gifts are exchanged, which I do enjoy; but each year the tradition becomes more and more dull. By late morning I would be at […]

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Free in Fontainebleau

I have done a fair bit of travelling. I have had lots of good days, a few bad days, and a handful of days that I would describe as being literally some of the best days of my life. One such day was December 23rd, 2013. I woke up early, feeling invigorated and ready to […]

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Am I French yet?

There will always be cities that every man and his dog will rave about, but when you visit, you find yourself overwhelmingly underwhelmed. For me, those cities include Barcelona and London. There will always be cities that people advise you not to visit, because they are dull or boring or some other negative adjective, but […]

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