Welcome to the third installment of Ellen Eats. This is easily my favourite EE yet, it’s the Japan edition! I absolutely adored Japan. It has been my favourite travel destination of 2016, and considering I also visited the Maldives and the Philippines this year, that is really saying something. My only wish is that my visit lasted for […]

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A Few FREE Things You Can Do in Tokyo


Japan is an amazingly easy country to backpack through, but such ease does come at a bit of a cost. Japan can be a pretty exxy country for backpackers on a budget. Sure, alcohol is fairly cheap, but food, transport and accommodation are all on the pricier side, and even a short visit can dig […]

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Getting Freaky After Dark in Tokyo


When it comes to travelling, more often than not I find myself disliking big cities. Rome, Barcelona, London – such places just don’t seem to suit me. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and Tokyo is one such exception. I don’t know why Tokyo is such a special city. Maybe it is the unbelievable […]

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Only in Japan: Hedgehog Cafe


Japan is well known for having a pretty big obsession with any and all animals that are even remotely cute. In Tokyo, Cat Cafes and Rabbit Cafes have become incredibly popular spots for locals and tourists alike. These cafes offer people the chance to interact with beautiful animals in a cute little cafe setting. However, […]

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Mt Fuji Missing in Action at Lake Kawaguchiko


If you were to ask a bunch of random people to tell you what the first thing they think of upon hearing the word ‘Japan’, there would surely be a good sized bunch who say Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is not only the highest peak in all of Japan (3776 metres) but it is also […]

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A Temple Under Reconstruction and My First Encounter With Deer


When visiting Hiroshima, a lot of the cities main attractions are not on the mainland, but instead, are located on several nearby islands that can be reached by different ferries. Okunoshima is one (click here if you want to see all the cute fluffy bunnies you could ever desire) and Itsukushima is another. Itsukushima has […]

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Only in Japan: Bunny Island


So, a couple of posts ago I wrote about Kyoto’s Arashiyama bamboo grove being bucket list worthy – which it definitely is. However, during my time in Japan, the number one thing on my list of ‘musts’ was a visit to Okunoshima, an island near Hiroshima. Okunoshima may not be a name you immediately recognise, but […]

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Seeing Gold in Kyoto


Before I get on with this post and show you the amazing-ness that is the Golden Pavillion, can we just take a minute to appreciate this semi-street art? This was spotted inside someones garage while walking to the train station and I just think it is so awesome. Anyway, back on to what this post […]

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The Stuff of Bucket Lists: Arashiyama Bamboo Forest


When I visited Kyoto, I was looking forward to exploring all the truly out of this world temples that it had to offer, but ultimately, visiting Arashiyama Bamboo Grove was by far the unbeatable highlight of my time in Kyoto. I remember first discovering the existence of this bamboo forest several years ago in a Buzzfeed post, […]

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Exploring The Silver Pavillion and Gion District


After a wonderful morning exploring the thousands of red gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine, it was time to head to Gion District to down some Japanese tucker, spot some Geisha impersonators and wander the streets. Gion is known for being the one of the last Geisha districts remaining in Japan. In this area, several hundred […]

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