Is Inle Lake Worth The Hype?


I have mixed feelings about my time in Inle Lake. On one hand, it is a beautiful lake, and my time spent there was enjoyable, but on the other hand, it was easily the most touristy place I visited in Myanmar – and it was nothing like I’d expected. I remember first learning about the […]

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What it’s Like to E-Bike Through Beautiful Bagan


For me, the main appeal of visiting Myanmar was to visit Bagan. An ancient city that dates back to the 9th century, Bagan has become famous for its archaeological zone – where over 10,000 Buddhist pagodas, temples and monasteries were constructed between the 11th and 13th centuries, and of which over 2200 remain today. Bagan […]

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How To Spend One Day in Yangon


Yangon has a bit of a bad reputation. For most travellers, this is the first place visited whilst in Myanmar. It serves as the main international hub (although I do use that term lightly) for Myanmar and is often described as ‘just a big dirty city’. Whilst I can definitely see how some could get […]

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How To Spend One Day in Tongatapu


Thanks to a stuff up courtesy of the super flaky Tongan airline Real Tonga, I found myself needing to leave Ha’apai and get back to the main island of Tongatapu a day earlier than I had anticipated. Initially I was kinda bummed out by this (I didn’t want to leave my island early!) but it did […]

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Having a Whale of a Time: Swimming With The Whales of Ha’apai


When I look back on my time in Tonga, the words ‘awe-inspiring’, ‘magnificent’ and ‘unbelievable’ spring to my mind, but even these words seem to fall short. I have been sitting in this chair for 30 minutes trying to think of better words, but I just realised that there aren’t any. There are truly no […]

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Eco Friendly Paradise in Tremendous Tonga


After an amazing first day spent in the water with some incredible humpback whales, it was time to head back to land and check out my eco-friendly home for the next few nights. Located on the small island of Uoleva which is part of a larger chain of islands known as Ha’apai, Sea Change lives […]

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Swimming With Humpback Whales in Ha’apai


I have always loved the ocean. The vastness, the unknown, the depths and the colours have always seemed magical to me, but it is the creatures who call it home that truly captivate and mesmerise me. I have mentioned before that my first career aspiration was to be a coroner (I was obviously a well […]

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A Beautiful Birthday in Bali


Firstly, I need to apologise that this post is so late. I have done a truly ridiculous amount of exploring in 2017 and as a result, I now have a significant backlog of adventures waiting to be blogged about! Back in May I found myself faced with yet another birthday. I must admit, I wasn’t […]

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Overwater Glamping on Khao Sok Lake


My experiences with overwater accommodation have been pretty wonderful over the past few years; from tiny overwater bungalows in the Philippines right through to the most extravagant overwater palaces in the Maldives – I have become a big fan of falling asleep knowing that water is moving beneath me. Travelling to Khao Sok National Park […]

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An Ethical Elephant Experience in Khao Sok


I have always thought of elephants as being truly amazing creatures. They are intelligent, enormous and undeniably majestic. When I was a kid, my father used to give me little elephant knick knacks every birthday, and they have remained some of my favourite figurines. I have always wanted to see an Asian elephant in real […]

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