Exploring Atauro Island, Timor-Leste


You have snorkelled. You have lazed about in your eco-friendly paradise. You have enjoyed the solitude. So with more time left on Atauro before returning back to mainland Timor-Leste, what will you do to pass the time? I had come to Atauro smack bang in the middle of the wet season and as a result, […]

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The Hidden Delight of Timor-Leste


In the time I spent on Atauro, the weather was very rainy and very grey. It made the mountains look intriguing and hauntinglyΒ beautiful. I thought that the dark skies would make for dark ocean water too, but as it turns out, this was not the case. I went snorkelling to the outer reef of Atauro […]

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Barry’s Place: Eco Friendly Paradise


After being assaulted and very nearly robbed in Dili, I desperately wanted Atauro to be the haven I imagined it to be. I was to stay on the island with no way of contacting the outside world for a few days and after the previous days incident, I was worried it would be another horrible […]

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Dili: A Dreadful First Impression


Timor-Leste. Also known asΒ East Timor. Also known as Timor. Also known as theΒ tiny country attached to Indonesia people often seem to have no idea even exists. For such a tiny part of the world, it is one that has been fought over for decades, and the wounds of previous invasions are still fresh. East Timor […]

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