Whoops, it’s been a minute, here’s where I’ve been

A bucket list worthy diving trip to Raja Ampat

Part of me thought maybe I could just casually start posting again and not mention my SECOND hiatus since covid, but I figured that was the easy way out. Realistically, I don’t even really know why I stopped writing last year. Life was busy for sure, but it was more that when I jumped back […]

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It’s 2022! These are my 22 favourite trips of all time <3

Happy new year everybody! I truly hope 2022 is a better year for all of us. If I am being honest, 2021 has been quite a hard year for me. I have changed jobs multiple times, moved cities, had multiple surgeries and hospital admissions and been struggling with the state of the world and how […]

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How To Take Amazing Travel Photos When Travelling Solo

Over the years, the majority of my travel has been done solo. When I first started my travelling adventures, I was 19 and thought my iPhone 4 was the height of photography. Grainy selfies and crappy snaps taken by other travellers did me just fine. However, as I started to travel more and as I […]

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20 Amazing Places to Visit in 2020

Can somebody please take a moment and explain to me how on earth this decade has already been and gone? I can’t believe that it is already 2020! It feels like I only just started my travelling journey, but it has now almost been eight years since I first ventured overseas. To celebrate the welcome […]

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My Year in Travel Photos: 2019 Edition


Yep, it’s that time again! Lord only knows how, but another year has disappeared before my very eyes. 2019 has been an undeniably tumultuous year for me. Life plans were made and quickly disintegrated. Relationships dissolved and others were forged. I returned to some of my favourite places and travelled to a bunch of incredible […]

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9 Travel Experiences That Are Worth Waking Up at The Ass-Crack of Dawn For

Ever since I can remember, I have been a night owl. I’d choose staying up until 6am instead of waking up at 6am any day of the week, however, some travel experiences mandate a painfully early wake up call. Not all such experiences are worth the missed hours of precious slumber, but some are so […]

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Travelling at 19 and Travelling at 26: What’s Changed (and what hasn’t)


My travelling journey started in 2012, when I was barely 19 years old. Seven years later, I find myself closer to thirty than twenty (mildly terrifying) and even though seven years may not sound like a lot, in that time, I have achieved so much. I’ve travelled to all seven continents, explored over 60 countries […]

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The Ultimate (and updated) Solo Travellers Bucket List


The last time I sat down and actually wrote down my bucket list, it was 2017! Two years later and I have actually managed to tick off quite a few more of these items, and added even more things to the list, because of course I have! So, here is an updated bucket list with […]

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