7 Continents in 2017: A Round Up!


First and foremost, I need to deeply apologise for the radio silence that has been transmitting from my direction. After returning from my travels through Antarctica and South America I have had to focus on getting back into my work as a baby catcher and actually having a little bit of a social life. My […]

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What an absolutely ridonkulous year of travel I have had! Over the past twelve months I have travelled to 7 continents across 24 countries – all the while maintaining a full time job as a Darwin baby catcher! It has been busy, at times stressful, eventful, bank account emptying and truly amazing in so many ways. […]

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My Most Embarrassing Travel Moments of 2017


There are a lot of ways to summarise a year in travel. You could do it by sharing your favourite photographs, by recounting your best (or worst) memories, or even do it country by country. These are all great options, but I gotta be honest, the most fun way I can think to recount my […]

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I’m South America and Antarctica Bound!

At the beginning of this year, I decided to put myself to the test and attempt to visit all seven continents in just the one year. At the time of publishing this post, I have successfully visited five out of seven continents. My little feet have touched down on North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and […]

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The ULTIMATE Travelling The World Solo Bucket List


Lately I have been referring a lot to the whole concept of the ‘bucket list’, and it occurred to me that I had never actually sat down and written down a comprehensive bucket list! Given how much ‘bucket list travel’ I have done this year, it only seemed fitting that I finally bite the bullet and do so! […]

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Travel Photography: Mastering The Art of The Self Timer Selfie

One of the perceived hazards of travelling independently is that with no travel companion, a person will have nobody around to help them capture amazing photographs of their travels. When I first started travelling this was most certainly something I struggled with. I hated asking strangers to take photos of me; for some reason it […]

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Ilulissat: The Ultimate City Guide

Given that this ‘city’ is much more of a small town, Ilulissat is the sort of place which you could go your entire life without hearing about. While this is completely understandable, it is also a little bit of a travesty. The third largest town in Greenland may only be home to around 3500 people, […]

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The 10 Types of People You Meet in Hostels

Anyone who has stayed in at least a handful of different hostels will surely have noticed that there are a few common archetypes that seem to pop up time and time again within such a setting. From the token dude travelling with his acoustic guitar to the person whose main concern is smashing frosties during happy […]

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A Rundown of The Weirdest Places I’ve Ever Woken Up

Travelling leads to a persons life being unpredictable and sometimes even downright strange! Most mornings I wake up where one would expect to – namely, my hostel or hotel bed. However, there are some times that I have woken up in some seriously strange places… and here are a few of them! An Elevator I […]

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“Eh.” – The Places That Just Didn’t Knock My Socks Off

When it comes to travelling, I am yet to meet a person who has loved each and every place they have ever visited. For whatever reason, sometimes we find that we just don’t mesh with a city, and as a result, may not remember it all that fondly. Furthermore, the cities that we fall in […]

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