Sunrise Hot Air Ballooning Over Luxor


The purpose of visiting Egypt was to cross something (Giza Pyramids) off the bucket list, so I figured I’d keep the trend going and cross something else off the list whilst in Egypt… …hot air ballooning! Whilst doing research about cool things to see and do in Luxor, I kept on seeing recommendations for a sunrise […]

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A Little Bit of Lovely Luxor


After exploring a fair bit of Cairo, I was pretty ready to escape the madness and head somewhere slightly more chilled out. After mulling over my options, I decided that Luxor would be an excellent choice. I had more of a time budget than a money budget on this particular trip, so instead of spending […]

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Exploring Cairo and A Few More Pyramids


I gotta be honest, when I decided to visit Egypt, all I really wanted to do was see the Pyramids! However, there is actually a lot more to Cairo than just the Pyramids of Giza. I am not sure why this came as such a surprise to me, especially considering that Cairo is so big! […]

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One Day At The Pyramids of Giza


In terms of ‘bucket list travel’ – 2017 has been a massively successful year for me. I hiked through Greenlandic ice during the middle of winter. I slept in a hotel made entirely out of ice. I visited the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. I marvelled at the Pink Mosque in Shiraz. I hiked my butt off in Petra. I […]

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