A Temple Under Reconstruction and My First Encounter With Deer

When visiting Hiroshima, a lot of the cities main attractions are not on the mainland, but instead, are located on several nearby islands that can be reached by different ferries. Okunoshima is one (click here if you want to see all the cute fluffy bunnies you could ever desire) and Itsukushima is another. Itsukushima has […]

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Only in Japan: Bunny Island


So, a couple of posts ago I wrote about Kyoto’s Arashiyama bamboo grove being bucket list worthy – which it definitely is. However, during my time in Japan, the number one thing on my list of ‘musts’ was a visit to Okunoshima, an island near Hiroshima. Okunoshima may not be a name you immediately recognise, but […]

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