Crocs, beers + sunset picnics in the Tiwi Islands!


The Tiwi Islands are a collection of eleven islands located about 80km north of Darwin. Home to only around 2500 inhabitants and spanning 8,320 square kilometres, these are some of the most sparsely inhabited islands in Australia. A few years back, local croc wrangler Matt Wright opened a small retreat on one of the islands, […]

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Helicopter Pub Crawling in Glorious Darwin!


Living in Darwin had many advantages. Abundant mangoes, incredible storms, a newspaper which only seems to put out croc-related headlines and a generally relaxed vibe. One other such advantage is that it is one of the only places in the world where you can go on a pub crawl… in a chopper! When one of […]

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A Top End Staycation at Hideaway Litchfield


Living in Darwin has many perks. We get cheap and abundant mangoes, hilarious headlines courtesy of the NT news and the most amazing monsoons. We also enjoy being just a short drive from Litchfield – an epic national park which I have visited many times before. Litchfield (or Litchy as it is affectionately dubbed by […]

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I Love Darwin: An Ode To My Home In The Tropics


Darwin. When I moved to you I thought that I would need to endure you. I thought that I’d be lucky to last 6 months in such a new and different environment. I thought that my work would be harder. I thought that the humidity would nearly kill me. I was sure that the six […]

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A Little More Darwin

I know it must seem like an endless parade of posts about friends coming to visit me in the Top End, so despite me having enough material from another such visit over my birthday to span 3 or 4 entire posts, I have decided to condense it all into one big post – the last one […]

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Becoming Croc Bait at Bitter Springs

After spending the night in Katherine and having a seriously good sleep in, we set off to visit nearby Elsey National Park and go for a little swim in the beautiful Bitter Springs. When I say that Bitter Springs is ‘nearby’ Katherine – be warned that this is an Aussie’s version of ‘nearby’ and in […]

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Waterfall Swims at Edith and Florence

One of the perks about moving to a part of the country that many of your friends had never visited is that quite a few of my most favourite friends from Adelaide were all too keen to come up and visit me in the Top End – which just helped to give me even more […]

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