Road Tripping Scotland: Skye to Edinburgh

After exploring the magic of Skye, it was time for us to return to Edinburgh. Of course, Scotland being Scotland, there were a bunch of beautiful pit stops for us to make along the way. Back on the mainland Pretty much as soon as we arrived back on the mainland we had said farewell to […]

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Road Tripping Scotland: Exploring The Magical Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye Travel Blog: Fairy Glen

The Isle of Skye is one of the most sought after travel destinations in all of the United Kingdom. The largest and northernmost isle in the outer hebrides, Skye is famous for its rugged landscapes, picturesque towns and undeniable natural beauty. I first visited Skye in 2012 and fell head over heels in love. For […]

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Road Tripping Scotland: Inverness to Skye

Isle of Skye Travel Blog: Eilean Donan Castle

I absolutely adored my time in Inverness, and as a result, I have literally zero photos of the city itself! Dan and I didn’t feel much like city sightseeing, so instead we ate a lot of delicious food, drank a lot of delicious coffee, enjoyed our absolutely phenomenal AirBnB and when we felt like exploring, […]

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Road Tripping Scotland: Exploring All The Castles of Aberdeenshire


When we decided to visit Aberdeen, I gotta admit, it wasn’t the city itself that held appeal. Instead, Aberdeen promised to be a fantastic base location to explore some of the amazing castles that can be found in the Aberdeenshire region. Craigievar Castle Our first stop was the utterly Disney-esque Craigievar Castle. Built in around […]

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Road Tripping Scotland: Edinburgh to Aberdeen via the Fife Coastal Route


There honestly aren’t any words to describe just how ecstatic I was to go back to Scotland. I first visited the home of ‘Nessie in 2012 and quickly fell head over heels in love. I can still remember getting into Edinburgh and stepping off of the airport shuttle and feeling an overwhelming sense of home […]

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3 Days of Haggis and Hilarity at the Edinburgh Fringe


I have always loved Edinburgh. It was the first foreign city that I truly fell in love with, and that first love is certainly not easy to forget. So, when I was planning my long haul flights and where to arrive in to, I knew I had three days to kill before flying to Iceland, […]

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The Glorious Isle of Mull

After the previous days adventures at sea, I was pretty keen to keep my feet on dry land and set out for a day of hiking and exploring. I had kipped in Oban for the night but wanted to see more of the Isle of Mull than I had the previous day. So after triple […]

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Sailing To Staffa

As it turned out, getting from Reykjavik to my next destination of Oban in a timely fashion ended up being rather difficult. After having my flight to Glasgow be pretty damn delayed, I had to hit the ground running the second I got off the plane. One mercifully short encounter with border control later, I […]

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Down with the flu, but still in love with Edinburgh

So after my fun at The Loony Dook, it soon became pretty apparent that what I thought was just a moderately severe hangover turned out to be me coming down with a case of the flu. I had completely lost my voice and my throat felt like razor blades had been shoved down it. Fun. […]

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Hammered on Hogmanay

Celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh has been a goal of mine for a long time. Like most of the Christmas celebrations I have endured, New Years Eve has always managed to be a total let down. Such a big fuss made for a night that is usually pretty sub par. Hogmanay in Edinburgh is the exception! […]

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