Add This To Your Bucket List | The Pink Mosque


There was a huge bunch of stuff that attracted me to Iran. I was interested in exploring the architecture, relaxing in the city gardens and being exposed to the wonderful Persian hospitality that I had heard so much about. But if I am being honest, I must admit that my main motivation for travelling to […]

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Shiraz | The Iranian City You Won’t Want To Leave

After a wonderful few first days in Shiraz, it is fairly safe to say that I had fallen pretty in love with the city. The crazy traffic, the stunning architecture and the welcoming locals all blended together to create a place that was undeniably enchanting, and I was completely under its spell. I had made a […]

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Shiraz | The Perfect Introduction To Iran

Shiraz. When I think about this stunning city, it is honestly a miracle that my face doesn’t break from smiling so hard. Shiraz was the first city I visited in Iran, and jeez, what a way to start! Shiraz is the 6th most populated city in Iran and the capital of the province of Fars. […]

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