Whoops, it’s been a minute, here’s where I’ve been

A bucket list worthy diving trip to Raja Ampat

Part of me thought maybe I could just casually start posting again and not mention my SECOND hiatus since covid, but I figured that was the easy way out. Realistically, I don’t even really know why I stopped writing last year. Life was busy for sure, but it was more that when I jumped back […]

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Checking in to stunning Palau Joyo


Do you ever just find yourself wanting to bugger off from work and escape from reality for a while? My life is pretty bloody wonderful, but every so often, even I just find myself wanting to disconnect from the world, at least for a little while. So, where does someone looking to get off the […]

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One wintery week road tripping around Tasmania!

Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia

The pandemic has changed so much of my life, a lot for the better, some for the worse. I desperately miss frolicking around the world with ease and no worries, but being stuck in Australia for the better part of two years has forced me to start exploring in my own backyard. I have often […]

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A boozy week in tropical North Queensland


In October 2020 Covid restrictions were starting to ease in more states around Australia. My home state of the NT had only had 30 or so cases up until this point and due to this success, we started opening up to other states with similarly low (non-existent) Covid numbers. So, when one of my besties […]

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Crocs, beers + sunset picnics in the Tiwi Islands!


The Tiwi Islands are a collection of eleven islands located about 80km north of Darwin. Home to only around 2500 inhabitants and spanning 8,320 square kilometres, these are some of the most sparsely inhabited islands in Australia. A few years back, local croc wrangler Matt Wright opened a small retreat on one of the islands, […]

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A Birthday Weekend Getaway to Kangaroo Island


This past May I celebrated my 28th birthday. Pre-Covid I would have celebrated by buggering off to Asia, but as this was no longer an option, I decided to look closer to my new Adelaide home when searching for a little long weekend getaway. Luckily, I didn’t have to look too long! After a little […]

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How to spend one incredible week backpacking around Myanmar

In early 2019 I found myself fresh out of a break-up and in need of some epic adventures to help me rebuild a bit of self-confidence. That failed relationship had been an emotionally abusive one and left me feeling quite negatively about myself – especially regarding my appearance. So, when my number one hype man […]

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8 Things You Simply Must Do in OMAN


Back in 2018, I ended a four month backpacking trip with a week-long road trip around Oman. Oman is oft referred to as the ‘jewel of the middle east’ and it is incredibly easy to see why. Sinkholes, endless sand dunes and incredible wadis were just the beginning. Here are the most wonderful things I […]

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Harar, Lalibela and Gondar: Three Cities in Four Days


After our adventures in the Danakil, we had limited time left on our respective adventures. I had to get to Madagascar in time to visit the gorgeous Miavana by Time + Tide, and Chelsea had plans to fly back to South Africa. Most people would choose one destination to explore properly with their last few […]

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