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Are you looking to connect with independent, ambitious and excited travellers?

Look no further!

Welcome to Travelling The World Solo – a travel blog dedicated to all things independent travel, ranging from budget backpacking adventures, right through to the bucket list worthy luxury blowouts!

Travelling The World Solo is all about inspiring people to fearlessly travel the world on their own – and to do so in parts of the world that they may never have considered.

In just a few short years, Travelling The World Solo has grown to reach tens of thousands of travellers and travel enthusiasts each and every month. With over 18k website subscribers and over 60k followers across three major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), Travelling The World Solo reaches people from a whopping 179 countries each year!

Over the last five years I have collaborated with dozens of hotels, resorts, tour companies and tourism boards across five continents. I pride myself on writing pieces about my experiences with these brands that are engaging, exciting and above all – honest. These pieces are presented alongside bright and evocative photographs which almost always come with just a hint of whimsy.

Is this what you are looking for?


If you are a company or brand interested in collaborating, this is what Travelling The World Solo can provide for you:

    •  An engaged following of over 60k travel enthusiasts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    •  Imaginative, colourful and captivating photography
    •  Timely delivery and efficient communication
    •  Engaging, interesting and clearly written content
    •  A funny, honest and trustworthy voice

With 5+ years of experience in blogging and social media management, I have a significant pocket of knowledge and experience, which will allow me to showcase your brand in the most effective, exciting and reliable manner possible.

Just a handful of the brands I’ve worked with!


Ways we can collaborate

  • Press visits and FAM trips
  • Social media takeovers and promotions
  • Sponsored posts and content
  • Hotel, tour and product reviews
  • Promotional photography
Please Note: Only companies and brands with services or products related to travel will be considered for collaboration.


For more information and to obtain a detailed media kit, drop me a line at ellen[dot]burne[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Once again, that’s ellen[dot]burne[at]yahoo[com]!

Happy travels! xx