Stuck, But in Motion – Two Passions and Two Directions


So many people live their lives through without ever really discovering a true passion. People spend day in and day out working a 9-5 desk job that they might hate or might actually quite enjoy, but it doesn’t fulfill a passion deep inside them, their lives aren’t richer as a result of working such a […]

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The Glorious Isle of Mull


After the previous days adventures at sea, I was pretty keen to keep my feet on dry land and set out for a day of hiking and exploring. I had kipped in Oban for the night but wanted to see more of the Isle of Mull than I had the previous day. So after triple […]

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Sailing To Staffa

As it turned out, getting from Reykjavik to my next destination of Oban in a timely fashion ended up being rather difficult. After having my flight to Glasgow be pretty damn delayed, I had to hit the ground running the second I got off the plane. One mercifully short encounter with border control later, I […]

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Down with the flu, but still in love with Edinburgh


So after my fun at The Loony Dook, it soon became pretty apparent that what I thought was just a moderately severe hangover turned out to be me coming down with a case of the flu. I had completely lost my voice and my throat felt like razor blades had been shoved down it. Fun. […]

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Hammered on Hogmanay


Celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh has been a goal of mine for a long time. Like most of the Christmas celebrations I have endured, New Years Eve has always managed to be a total let down. Such a big fuss made for a night that is usually pretty sub par. Hogmanay in Edinburgh is the exception! […]

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Rainy Days on Skye

I had been warned against going to Skye in the winter. I had numerous people tell me not to bother because the weather would be awful, I wouldn’t see much of anything, it would be cold, it would be raining, it would be miserable and so forth and so forth. But I have wanted to […]

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Road to Skye

Captured by Ellen Burne on an iPhone 5 at Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Getting from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye is a fair bit of a drive. One could do it quickly and make one or two stops along the way; or alternatively, one could take the scenic route. Anybody who has ever explored Scotland will tell you that the latter option will always be the better […]

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