A Little Sun and A Lot of Snow at The Amazing Russell Glacier


If you only do one thing while visiting Kangerlussuaq, then you should absolutely make it a trip to Russell Glacier. The route to Russell Glacier is much the same as that which leads to the ice cap. I thought that driving the same route for two days in a row would be boring, but as […]

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Walking On Top of The Greenland Ice Sheet


After freezing my butt off at negative 39 degrees centigrade, a little increase in temperature was more than welcome. Granted, -29 is still bloody cold, but that 10-degree increase makes an absolutely massive difference. On this particular day it was very cloudy, which has both pros and cons. On the pro side – heavy cloud […]

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Welcome to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland


Ever been so utterly enchanted with something that you lose track of time? If not, then I implore you to book a winter flight from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq – and by god, make sure you have the window seat. After a pleasant four-hour flight (Air Greenland – you bloody rock) it was time to descend […]

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A Few Hours in Copenhagen


Copenhagen has always been a city on my ‘to do’ list, so naturally, when it came time to book my flights back to Greenland, it made sense for me to fly via Copenhagen instead of Reykjavik – as I had done in the past. After a gruelling 33 hours of flights and layovers, I landed […]

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Ilulissat: The Ultimate City Guide


Given that this ‘city’ is much more of a small town, Ilulissat is the sort of place which you could go your entire life without hearing about. While this is completely understandable, it is also a little bit of a travesty. The third largest town in Greenland may only be home to around 3500 people, […]

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The 10 Types of People You Meet in Hostels

Coconut induced bliss!

Anyone who has stayed in at least a handful of different hostels will surely have noticed that there are a few common archetypes that seem to pop up time and time again within such a setting. From the token dude travelling with his acoustic guitar to the person whose main concern is smashing frosties during happy […]

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Reykjavik: The Ultimate City Guide


I have professed my love for Iceland on numerous occasions, and for anyone that has been lucky to visit the incredible island nation, it isn’t hard to see why so many people are falling under an Icelandic spell. For anyone who is travelling to Iceland in the near future, here’s a little guide to help […]

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A Weekend in Marion Bay, South Australia


As much as I love living in the Top End, it does have its downsides – the biggest one being that I don’t get to see my best friends all that often. Sure, I have friends up in Darwin, but it just isn’t the same as being surrounded by the people that you’ve known for […]

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Cape Town: The Ultimate City Guide


Cape Town is hands down one of my favourite places on Earth. I dream of one day buying a little apartment in Camps Bay and moving to the Mother City! As far as cities go, Cape Town is hands down one of the most beautiful ones on Earth. It has everything a person could ever […]

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A Rundown of The Weirdest Places I’ve Ever Woken Up


Travelling leads to a persons life being unpredictable and sometimes even downright strange! Most mornings I wake up where one would expect to – namely, my hostel or hotel bed. However, there are some times that I have woken up in some seriously strange places… and here are a few of them! An Elevator I […]

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