Sundowners and Sunsets: An Incredible Night at Fish River Canyon


On a whim, as we were sitting in our rental car in Cape Town getting ready to start our road trip in Namibia, I began doing some browsing on my phone and somehow, came across a listing for a truly stunning looking lodge on the edge of Fish River Canyon. When planning our route through […]

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Cape Town to Fish River Canyon: The Start of an Epic Namibian Road Trip


Have you ever travelled to a country that took every expectation you had about it and then just blew them to smithereens? If not, then you need to add Namibia to your bucket list immediately! I had wanted to visit Namibia for years. I had dreamed about climbing the enormous sand dunes of Sossusvlei, photographing the ghost […]

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Getting Into Trouble at Saksun


I only have a handful of travel related regrets, but unfortunately, I have a new one to add to that list. I thoroughly and wholeheartedly regret visiting the town of Saksun in the Faroe Islands. The town itself exudes a dark and dreamy kind of beauty and looks like nowhere else on the planet. It […]

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A Completely Foolproof Guide to Hiking Lake Sørvágsvatn

The diverse and dramatic landscapes of the Faroe Islands seem to beg to be hiked, but the unpredictable and largely rainy Faroese climate can make hiking unpleasant and rather hazardous. Lake Sørvágsvatn is a fairly easy hike, but despite this, I wouldn’t recommend doing it in the rain. This is partly due to the slippery rocks […]

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Torrential Rain, Waterfalls and Incredible Landscapes: Exploring the Faroe Islands


I had mixed feelings about travelling to the Faroe Islands. On one hand, I was über excited to be heading to the dramatic and other-worldly landscapes that I had heard so many positive things about, but on the other hand, I didn’t feel great about visiting a country that has some very questionable traditions. The Grindadráp […]

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What its Really Like to Spend the Night at Giraffe Manor: Part II

After a seriously good nights sleep, we woke up SO excited for what would happen that morning. Yep, it was time for us to eat breakfast with the giraffes! I had dreamt of doing this for so many years and it was finally happening. I couldn’t wait for those enormous faces to pop through the […]

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What its Really Like to Spend the Night at Giraffe Manor: Part I

Most of the time, my bucket list destinations are countries or cities, towns or islands. They are regions, ruins and stunning parts of nature. However, some of my bucket list destinations are much more specific. Sometimes these wish-list travel destinations are literally just certain hotels or resorts! Giraffe Manor was one such bucket list item. […]

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Finally Seeing a Smidgeon of Snow in Finnish Lapland!

After a night of no Auroras, I was seriously ready to get out and about. We had initially been booked to go on a dogsledding adventure and a snowmobile expedition, but it’s kinda hard to do these things when there is a marked lack of snow! Instead, we were to go on a visit to […]

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