Sailing Through The Spectacular Lemaire Channel


I am not, nor will ever be, a morning person. Waking up early is always a struggle. I am much more of a night owl, and I can easily stay up until dawn with no more sustenance than a cup of coffee at dinner. However, travelling challenges this side of me, as for the most […]

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The 25 Most Incredible Things I’ve Done Before Turning 25


Another year lived, another number added to my age! As I write this, I find my 25th birthday approaching rather rapidly, so instead of focusing on the bad parts of getting older (I swear I find a new wrinkle every other day) I thought I’d focus on the best parts; which of course, are the […]

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A Spot of Sunshine in Stunning Antarctica


For the bulk majority of the time that I spent in Antarctica, the weather was pretty much what you’d expect. Moody, cloudy, grey and overcast. Now, that may sound like a complaint, but it is actually quite far from it. If you have been following this blog long enough to remember my adventures through Greenland […]

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Seal Spotting at Stony Point


I may have been able to achieve a continent landing at Base Brown, but my dear old dad had been busy kayaking during this landing, as a result, remained yet to achieve an actual landing on the Antarctic continent. Luckily, we had one more opportunity to hang out on the continent, so it was with […]

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Making Like Shackleton and CAMPING in Antarctica


If I had to decide what the most badass thing I did in Antarctica was, there is no doubt in my mind that it would be camping. Yep, that’s right, I got to camp on the fricking frozen continent! Not only that, it wasn’t your typical type of camping. We had no campfires, no marshmallows, […]

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Paradise Bay | The Most Picturesque Place in Antarctica


After an unbelievable ‘continent landing’ at Base Brown, it was time to jump in a zodiac and go sailing through the stupidly pretty Paradise Bay. This collection of pictures is easily my favourite from my time in Antarctica. It was snowing, but not windy. The water looked like glass and the icebergs were glorious. Everything […]

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Actually Setting Foot on My 7th Continent


Even though I’d been cruising, kayaking and exploring my way through the Antarctic peninsula for a few days, I still hadn’t actually set foot onto the Antarctic continent itself. Though sailing to many of the islands on the outskirts of the Antarctic peninsula is certainly nothing to sneeze at, I really wanted to make it […]

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What it’s Like to Kayak in ANTARCTICA!


There was a lot I wanted to achieve whilst in Antarctica. Hanging out with penguins, camping on the ice, sending myself a postcard, spotting seals and admiring icebergs were all things I desperately wanted to do; but more than anything, I wanted to get off the ship and go kayaking in Antarctic waters. I had […]

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Landing at Cuverville and Hanging With Pinguinos


After three days of pretty rocky sailing, it felt like absolute bliss to arrive in the more sheltered waters of the Antarctic Peninsula. The ‘drake shake’ was finally over, and I could not have been more excited to get off of the ship, and out exploring beautiful Antarctica. Our first landing was at Cuverville Island. […]

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Land Ahoy! Arriving in ANTARCTICA!


I was nervous before leaving for Antarctica. I wasn’t nervous about the weather, or the seasickness, the cold or even about the vast open seas. I was nervous that I just wouldn’t get there. For pretty much all of 2017 I had been working towards the goal of visiting all seven continents in just one […]

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