Four Incredible Things To See and Do in Esfahan


When I arrived into Esfahan, I found myself with a little bit less time that I would’ve liked. Work was piling up and I literally had around 500 unread emails, which is borderline insanity inducing for a person who thinks that 20 unread emails is getting out of control! I couldn’t put my work to […]

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A Female Foreigners Guide To Dressing In Iran


Some of the most common questions I have received since travelling to Iran have involved what constitutes appropriate attire for female foreigners. So for any and every woman who will travel to Iran in the future, here is a crash course in what you can wear, what is required and what you should absolutely avoid […]

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Salt Lakes + Sand Dunes in The Iranian Desert


While researching day trips to do out of Kashan, I came across recommendations for the Maranjab desert time and time again. As much as I love finding exciting new ‘off the beaten track’ adventures, even this traveller can admit that if something has an undeniable tonne of positive reviews, it is usually for good reason. […]

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A Train Mishap + Arriving in Kashan


Travelling through Iran is generally a pretty easy process. There are a tonne of buses that connect through just about every Iranian city you could ever want to visit, and furthermore, these buses are cheap, comfortable and convenient. However, despite buses being easy, the most popular mode of transport in Iran (especially amongst locals) is […]

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Why I’m Visiting The Maldives In 2017


1. To experience a plane landing on water There is honestly nothing quite like a journey in a sea plane! Taking off from and landing on the azure blue ocean that makes up most of the Maldives is something you won’t forget in a hurry. On my first ever seaplane journey, not five seconds after […]

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The Solo Travellers Guide To Backpacking Through Iran


Iran is hands down one of the most incredible countries I have ever visited. I fell in love with this Middle-Eastern gem, and have been raving about it to anybody (and everybody) who will listen ever since I left! However, I must admit that a trip to Iran isn’t always as straightforward as a trip […]

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Abyaneh: The Red City That Isn’t All That Red


Abyaneh (pronounced ab-bye-ah-nay) is a teeny tiny town located about an hours drive South of Kashan. This extremely old city is home to just over 300 residents and is well known (at least to Iranians) for the distinct colouring on the many houses located within the town itself. This distinct colouring is an unusual shade […]

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Kharanaq + Chak Chak | Cities In The Desert


If Yazd city wasn’t already amazing enough, the desert surrounding this small-ish Iranian city boasts a handful of incredible towns just a short drive away. If you’ve never heard of Kharanaq, Chak Chak or Meybod I won’t hold it against you – these little towns scattered in central Iran are definitely a little bit more […]

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Yazd: An Incredible City in The Desert


After spending four incredible days exploring Shiraz, I became a little bit worried that my Iranian adventure had started off too wonderful, and that everything following Shiraz would be a letdown. Luckily, my next stop was Yazd, and it would turn out to be one of my favourite places in Iran. Yazd city is the […]

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Travelling With Respect: What NOT To Do In An Iranian Mosque


When travelling, we are exposed to a wide variety of new experiences, as well as new cultures. Though these cultures and subsequent cultural practices may be vastly different from our own, it is our responsibility – and our duty – as travellers, to accept and respect these practices as best as we can. I wrote […]

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