Land Ahoy! Arriving in ANTARCTICA!


I was nervous before leaving for Antarctica. I wasn’t nervous about the weather, or the seasickness, the cold or even about the vast open seas. I was nervous that I just wouldn’t get there. For pretty much all of 2017 I had been working towards the goal of visiting all seven continents in just one […]

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How To: Survive (and thrive) on the Drake Passage


Crossing the Drake. For the vast majority of intrepid travellers venturing to Antarctica, crossing the infamous Drake is a but a necessary evil. Sure, there are fly-cruise-fly options that’d allow you to bypass this unforgivable stretch of sea, but unless you have oodles and oodles of money to burn, it is unlikely that this will […]

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7 Continents in 2017: A Round Up!


First and foremost, I need to deeply apologise for the radio silence that has been transmitting from my direction. After returning from my travels through Antarctica and South America I have had to focus on getting back into my work as a baby catcher and actually having a little bit of a social life. My […]

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What an absolutely ridonkulous year of travel I have had! Over the past twelve months I have travelled to 7 continents across 24 countries – all the while maintaining a full time job as a Darwin baby catcher! It has been busy, at times stressful, eventful, bank account emptying and truly amazing in so many ways. […]

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My Most Embarrassing Travel Moments of 2017


There are a lot of ways to summarise a year in travel. You could do it by sharing your favourite photographs, by recounting your best (or worst) memories, or even do it country by country. These are all great options, but I gotta be honest, the most fun way I can think to recount my […]

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Absolutely Sloshed in Siem Reap


I travel a lot, and honestly, most of the time I think I am pretty well behaved. I explore the cities and towns. I interact with locals. I try the street food. I try to do my best to be a respectful and mature traveller… …but sometimes it just doesn’t turn out that way! I […]

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A Little More Angkor!


After a lovely morning spent exploring Angkor Wat, it was time to make the most of my (fricking expensive) ticket and see even more ancient Khmer temples! I had hired a tuk tuk driver for the day (with a new friend to save a bit of moolah) and this was an awesome way of getting […]

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An Angkor Wat Sunrise


It’s about as cliché as visiting the Eiffel Tower, but bloody hell, there was absolutely no way I was going to miss out on watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat! Angkor Wat may be on every gap year travellers hit list, but this is for a damn good reason. This Cambodian temple complex dates back to the 12th century […]

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What it’s Actually Like to Travel in The Midst of a Genocide


Myanmar has been on my travel ‘wish list’ for quite a few years. The temples of Bagan and the busy streets of Yangon seemed to call to me, and so at the beginning of 2017, I decided that this would be the year that I finally bite the bullet and visit Myanmar. At this time, Myanmar […]

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Is Inle Lake Worth The Hype?


I have mixed feelings about my time in Inle Lake. On one hand, it is a beautiful lake, and my time spent there was enjoyable, but on the other hand, it was easily the most touristy place I visited in Myanmar – and it was nothing like I’d expected. I remember first learning about the […]

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