Proposing to the love of my life in Tasmania <3


When I met Ella in November of 2020, it was clear pretty instantaneously that she was someone special.

I fell hard and fast and also incredibly deeply for Ella, and by the end of our first month together, I knew that she was my forever person. It sounds fast (because it is) but I just knew. So many times I had heard the phrase ‘when you know you know’ and I always thought it was such a load of shit… then it happened to me and I realised maybe they had been right all along.

A few months later in February 2021, I booked us flights for a weeklong trip to Tasmania for the coming August and specifically, booked us a stay in the most beautiful airbnb I’ve ever seen. When I made the booking, I put in the guest notes that I intended to propose to my partner during our stay.

In the months that followed, I had a ring made and I slowly made plans to propose to Ella. I found a florist in northern Tassie who could freight a big bouquet to the airbnb directly and the airbnb staff were happy to intercept and hide them so that it would be a big surprise.

August came around and Ella was already strongly suspecting that I was going to propose on the trip. Carrying the ring around was terrifying! I was so scared I would either lose it or that she would find it.

When we arrived to the airbnb I was so worried that she’d suspect something that I actually picked a small argument in the car to throw her off the scent – which is maybe kind of insane, but it worked!

This fake argument also allowed me to kind of ‘storm off’ and get to the airbnb first – the owner had left two sets of keys in the lockbox – one for the airbnb and one for the shed where the flowers and wine had been stashed. I didn’t want Ella to see two sets of keys and become suspicious and luckily, it worked.

Now, to start with, this airbnb was no ordinary airbnb.

Captains Rest is an extraordinarily beautiful property located on the water with incredible views of the World Heritage Forest. The decor, stylings, location and privacy provided are like no other. When we decided to come to Tasmania, I believe our stay here was the first thing we booked.

The owner was fantastic to communicate with and so excited to assist with my proposal plans!


Now, when we first entered Captains Rest, something kind of uncanny was obvious. On my first date with Ella I had been wearing my favourite go-to fragrance and she has talked about how much she loves how I smell since pretty much the first date (just lesbian things), so when we arrived and Captains Rest was gently scented by the same fragrance and even offers toiletries in the exact same fragrance (exact brand and all) I was even more sure that this was the perfect place to pop the question.


After we had checked the place out, Ella got to work starting the fireplace, which I used as the perfectly opportunity to slip away to ‘feed the ducks’. I unlocked the hidden room, grabbed the flowers and wine, slipped on some mud and landed on my butt trying to be discreet, somehow still didn’t raise any alarms for Ella (a small miracle) and re-entered the cottage through the front door.

When Ella turned around and saw me holding the flowers and wine, her face was one of excitement and surprise and definitely no comprehension of what was happening.

She said, “oh my goodness did the airbnb leave those for us too?”

I replied by saying “no, I organised to have them left here for us because I’m asking you to marry me.”

Ella started crying, I started crying, I tearfully tried to tell her how much I loved her but I am sure it was a blubbery mess of unintelligible words but Ella’s smile and nod and her kissing me told me everything I needed to know.

She said yes.


This was such a joyful event. Putting the ring on Ella’s finger, kissing her, smiling at each other, crying with each other, promising to love each other forever, it is a memory that I will treasure for as long as I live.

After a few hours of celebrating, I convinced Ella to let me take some engagement shots. My dearest (now wife) isn’t crazy about having her picture taken but she ended up loving these photos and she will now admit (right after rolling her eyes) that she is glad I made her take them.



The ducks were paid actors here



After spending one perfect evening at Captains Rest, we left engaged to be married, swelled up in a bubble of love that is never to be broken. Ella is truly my soulmate and asking her to be my wife is the best thing I have done in my entire life.

Really should have gotten a manicure


Ring: Ella’s engagement ring was a custom made by the team at Pure Envy Jewellery in Adelaide
Flowers: This gorgeous bouquet was put together by a small business called Garden Jewels who do not have a website but take all orders directly through their facebook page
Captains Rest: Located in Strahan, Tasmania – a night here starts at $650 AUD but I can attest to the fact that it is well worth the splurge. Click here to learn more or to book

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  1. How heartwarming ❤️ I was smiling the whole way through and I don’t even know you personally, haha. I’m curious to know what the scent is that you wear!

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